Reports: California woman reported missing in Mexico after being accompanied by her dog while she walked it:

Monica De Leon, a U.S. citizen from San Mateo, California, is missing and was potentially kidnapped while walking her dog in Tepatitlan, near Guadalajara, Mexico, last month.

After taking her dog on a Mexican walk, a California woman went missing.

KTVU reported Monica De Leon (29), from San Mateo, California was walking her dog in Tepatitlan near Guadalajara on Nov. 29, when she was allegedly abducted by someone in a van.

According to the Facebook group “Help us Find Monica De Leon”, which has 630 members, De Leon was headed to a gym called Fit 4 LIFE in Tepatitlan near Guadalajara.

The group is asking members to call U.S. Senator Alex Padilla (D-Calif.) and U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), on behalf of De Leon’s loved ones, and ask them to help with their search for the missing woman. It is not clear if De Leon was in Mexico visiting or living there.


Monica De Leon, an American citizen, was walking her dog in Mexico when she disappeared, according to a Facebook group dedicated for the search. (Help Us Find Monica De Leon /FACEBOOK )

According to the Facebook group, De Leon is a U.S. Citizen. KTVU reports that her disappearance was reported on the U.S. State Department website to citizens who are missing abroad.

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Monica De Leon, an American citizen, is missing in Mexico. (Help Us Find Monica De Leon /FACEBOOK )

“The U.S. Department of State, our embassies, and consulates overseas have no greater responsibility that the protection of U.S. citizen abroad,” a spokesperson for the State Department told Fox News Digital. This was in response to a request from Fox News Digital for comment on De Leon’s disappearance.

Monica De Leon, an American citizen, was kidnapped in Mexico near Guadalajara. (Help Us Find Monica De Leon /FACEBOOK )

The department didn’t provide any further information or details about De Leon’s case.

Fox News Digital also reached Speier’s office Tuesday, but did not receive a response.

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De Leon was wearing a black tshirt and black pants when she was allegedly photographed. According to reports, she is 5’5″ tall with short black hair and blonde highlights.

According to the Facebook group, her dog was apparently left alone on the street.

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