REST FEST: Watch Sleepy May well ZONE OUT While Answering Issue on His 2024 Plans

Joe will turn 80 next month. It’s a great milestone.

In an interview with Jonathan Capehart of MSNBC, President Biden answered questions about his 2024 plans. He also asked if his wife FLOTUS Dr. Jill Biden is supportive of his decision.

Biden stated to MSNBC’s Capehart that he had not yet made a formal decision but that he intends to run again. We’ll have the time to make that determination.

After Joe became silent for an awkward moment and Capehart was able to grab Biden’s attention, Capehart seemed to be trying to get his attention. President –.”

“Dr. Biden believes that — my wife believes that — that we are doing something very important, and that I shouldn’t leave it,” Biden finally replied.

See the video above.

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