Rioter who organized “fighters” on January 6 pleads guilt, agrees with DOJ

Russell Taylor, a California man who organized a group of "fighters" to travel to D.C. on Jan. 6, pleaded guilty Wednesday, agreeing to cooperate at a Three Percenters trial.

WASHINGTON – A California man, who organized a group “fighters” in response to the former president Donald Trump’s tweet “will be crazy”, pleaded guilty Wednesday, agreeing that he would cooperate with a pending trial of Three Percenters members.

Russell Taylor has pleaded guilty on a charge of obstruction of a proceeding. Dyke Huish said that Taylor met with the government at least four times. Huish told NBC News Taylor was “doing what was right” and that he was in court to “take responsibility” for his acts, hoping to bring closure to the case. The prosecutors did not request that a judge set a date for sentencing, saying they would wait until the Three Percenters case was over.

Taylor, a graphic artist, was accused of being part of a criminal conspiracies along with members of the ThreePercenters, Alan Hostetter (a former police chief), Ronald Mele and Derek Kinnison. Felipe Antonio Martinez, Erik Warner, and Ronald Mele were also charged. Taylor will likely testify in the July trial.

Taylor said in the Telegram group “D.C. According to court records, Taylor wrote the group in January 2021 that he would organize those “ready and willing” to fight for their rights.

Taylor, according to prosecutors, wrote Hostetter: “I believe we were meant for us to join forces in this war and I’ve said it before that it is an honour to stand shoulder to shoulder with all of you.”

Taylor admitted to pushing against police officers and helping them breach a line of protection on January 6.

I was a tyrant all day long today. WE STOOD UP THE CAPITOL! Taylor wrote: “Today, the freedom was demonstrated fully.”

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