Robert Wone, DC lawyer, remains unsolved. Doctor reveals: “Deeply troubling”

Dylan Ward, Joseph Price and Victor Zaborsky maintain that their friend Robert Wone was killed by an intruder. The 2006 murder still remains unsolved.

It was 2006, when a prominent Washington, D.C. lawyer was found fatally stabbed at his friend’s house. There was very little blood.

Robert Wone had three clear slits in his chest. One of them had even pierced his heart. One paramedic said that it looked like the 32-year old’s body was had been “redressed” and had been washed before being put in a bed. Authorities are still trying to find out what happened the night Wone died.

A new true-crime documentary about the unsolved murder of Robert Wone is now available to stream on Peacock. It’s titled “Who Killed Robert Wone?” and features new interviews with investigators who are closely involved in the case. The documentary also includes footage that is not normally available of the interrogation of the key players living in the townhouse on three floors where the murder occurred.

The unsolved case of Robert Wone’s murder is being investigated in a new documentary on true crime.

Director Jared P. Scott said that it was “one of those stories that’s stranger-than-fiction.” “It’s an intriguing murder mystery in which all the people are trying to find out the truth… We’ve never seen anything quite like it before. The young man is a promising one and spends the night with his three friends. After arriving at their home, he was greeted by a call from one of his friends calling 911 to report that Robert had been stabbed.

Wone was tired from long hours in Washington and was not sure if he would be able to drive late into the night to get home to Kathy Wone in Virginia. He decided to spend the night with Joseph Price, a fellow lawyer. Price offered him a room in his guest room.

Wone didn’t make it to the next morning. Victor Zaborsky, Victor’s housemate, called the police to request an ambulance. The scene was immediately assessed by an EMS worker who felt that things were not right. Wone had a large, visible hole in his chest that could be used to insert a finger into. However, there was no blood anywhere on Wone or the victim. None of the wounds had any blood. The house and rooms were clean. The property was clean. There was nothing of value taken.


The authorities ruled that Robert Wone died from stab wounds.

According to court documents it seemed as though Wone was dead and lying on his back on a pullout couch that had been used as a bed. Wone was lying on his back with his head on the pillow, and his arms extended at his sides. There was a light bloody film with striation marks that suggested someone might have wiped his chest with a towel.

Wone was dressed in a t-shirt, shorts and a pair of gym shorts. His other clothes were neatly folded nearby. It appeared as though there had been no violent struggle, according to stunned investigators. Although a knife was later found, it was determined by authorities that the blade was too big to be used as a murder weapon.

Scott stated that what surprised him the most in this investigation was the seemingly never-ending details, which led to wild speculation. “I was shocked at the number of things that you can speculate on in a matter of 79 minutes.

img alt=”Robert Wone was murdered in 1509 Swann Street.” src=”″/>

Robert Wone was shot and killed in 1509 Swann Street. (Photo by Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post via Getty Images).

Scott said that there was much to unravel in trying to piece together the puzzle and trying to understand what had happened. It’s a crazy story, but it’s important to remember Robert, the victim. It was crucial to advocate for his cause.”

Dylan Ward, Dylan Price, and Zaborsky all claimed that Wone was being killed by an intruder. They said they had just washed their hair. They said they heard a person walking down the stairs of their house. They heard grunts from the guest bedroom when they went to investigate.

According to the men an intruder entered the property via the back door. It was left open and could have been reached by jumping over the garden fence. Their claims were denied due to lack of evidence.


Glenn Kirschner, the Prosecutor, spoke out about the enigmatic circumstances surrounding Robert Wone’s mysterious passing.

In 2008, the trio were charged with obstruction of justice. The defense attorney Bernie Grimm also spoke out in support of the trio. He claimed that the police didn’t thoroughly investigate the possibility for an intruder. According to reports, Wone’s widow filed an wrongful death suit against them in that year. They pleaded for the Fifth Amendment.

Joseph Price (left) and Dylan Ward (right) were two of three men who were accused of covering up Robert Wone’s murder in 2006. Photo by Mark Gail/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Reports claim that the men were involved in a polyamorous relationship. Police discovered a variety of sex toys that looked like torture tools, which led to more speculations. They wondered if Wone had been sexually assaulted before being restrained and then murdered.

Investigators found puncture marks on Wone’s body that suggested that Wone could have been given a drug to paralyze him before he was killed. An investigation found that Wone was not killed by any of the items. An autopsy report found no drugs in Wone’s body.

District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Staffer Jeff Baker thought about how Robert Wone’s close friends responded to his sudden death.

They vehemently denied any involvement in Wone’s death. They claim that , their friend, was murdered by an intruder. They were not found guilty of obstruction or tampering in 2010. The trio and Wone’s widow reached an unspecified settlement in 2011.

Scott stated that he reached out and spoke to the men in the hope that they would open up to the camera. Scott said that although they had never spoken to the media, they were always open to sharing their stories. Fox News Digital reached out to the attorney who represented them during their trial but he did not respond immediately.

Scott acknowledged that the idea that they would speak up now was not something Scott had expected. “… We tried to reach out but we didn’t hear back. It’s hard to speculate as to why. We did our research as storytellers. This was no exception.”


Bernie Grimm, a defense attorney, spoke out about Robert Wone’s case in the documentary.

This case is still unsolved. Scott hopes that anyone with any information will be encouraged to share it.

Scott said, “I wish there were more footage of Robert,” Scott thought. You can see his smile in these photos. He was a warm, kind, and witty young man. It almost seems too good to be true. He seemed like a perfect man. He had so many things going for him. He was respected. He was bound to achieve great things. It is deeply disturbing and tragic that he has suffered such a terrible fate.”

Victor Zaborsky, left, can be seen walking alongside Thomas G. Connolly, right, as they leave the courthouse in Washington, D.C. on June 29, 2010.

“You don’t want to get lost in the bizarre circumstances of his death – this baffling, bizarre stranger-than-fiction story,” he shared. His life was cut short at such an early age. Robert is remembered by everyone. People need to remember that Robert was not convicted for his family and friends. There’s still time for that to happen.

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