ROE, ROE and ROE YOUR VOTE: Biden promises to codify Roe if Democrats win the Midterms

American President Joe Biden has made a deal: If Democrats win the midterm elections, he will codify Roe V. Wade.

Biden stated Tuesday that the court had Roe nearly 50 years ago, and that Congress should codify Roe once and for all.” Biden was speaking Tuesday at an event of the Democratic National Committee at the Howard Theater in Washington D.C.

“I will first send to Congress a bill to codify Roe V. Wade.” It will be passed by Congress in January. This is 50 years since Roe became the law of land. Biden also stated that he would sign it if Congress approves it. However, he caveated his promise to voters if they elect a Democrat majority in both chambers.

See the video below:

The Supreme Court injunctioned the federal right to abort in June and left the state decision to make. Biden signed an executive Order to protect access to abortion and contraception. He has also previously expressed his desire to codify Roe in law. The Daily Caller reports that any legislation to codify Roe will not pass the Senate. It requires 60 votes to overcome filibuster.

Biden stated in September that he would give two additional senators to the United States Senate.

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