ROUNDED AND ROUND HE JOES: Watch Biden Struggle to Get out of the Stage at Latest Event

Joe can’t seem find his way off the stage.

On Thursday, President Biden was in Pittsburgh to campaign for Democrat John Fetterman. He struggled to get off the stage on Thursday.

The New York Post

Biden began his speech by turning to his right. He then stopped and raised his hands to address his team.

He turned to his right and then turned the other direction, eventually making a 180-degree turn to his side to reach the exit.

Then, he pointed to the exit and seemed to murmur to himself before awkwardly walking off stage.

Biden also looked confused when being questioned by reporters at an unexpected stop at a sandwich shop outside of Pittsburgh.

Biden, confused by the question, slowly approached the person asking him the question and walked up to the person.

He finally said, “What are your thoughts?” Then he continued to murmur, with the answer to the follow-up question difficult to understand.

Joe gets the spins.

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