RUBIO ON HANNITY: “This was a lab accident, covered-up by China, that destroyed the world” [WATCH]

During Wednesday night’s Hannity, Florida Senator Marco Rubio Joined host Sean Hannity to discuss the latest Judicial Watch bombshell report that revealed EcoHealth and the lab in Wuhan were developing COVID ‘mutant’ variants.

On Wednesday’s Hannity show,Florida senator Marco Rubio joined host Sean Hannity for a discussion of the Judicial Watch explosive report which revealed that EcoHealth and a lab in Wuhan had been developing COVID “mutant” variants.

Hannity points out that the EocHealth/Wuhan Partnership had as one of its goals “testing predictions on Cov interspecies transmission.”

Why did the NIH receive a penny…for a Wuhan Virology Institute in China? Hannity: “Number 2, it sounds as if they’re playing with fire…and three, I believe we’ve been lied about from the beginning…that this is a ‘wet market’ issue and not an issue of a ‘virology institute’ issue.”

Rubio says he will reveal more in the days to come: “The most likely outcome is that it was a Chinese lab accident, which of course destroyed the entire world.”

View the video above.

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