Sc deepens Charleston’ s interface in $600M project

South Carolina has deepened Charleston's port so it can take in any ship, which will create new opportunities. The port remains one of the largest harbors in the East Coast.

South Carolina has enlarged the Charleston port to ensure it can handle any ship. It remains one of the most important harbors on the East Coast.

The channel that leads to the Port Charleston is now 52 feet in depth. This allows the largest ships in the world to enter and exit the harbor.

The channel is 40 miles long and runs through the inner harbor and open sea. It is wide enough that ships entering the state can pass each other.

“Anytime, any tide, any time. “I’m not sure that anyone else can say it,” South Carolina Governor. Henry McMaster spoke at Monday’s ceremony to mark the completion of the 12-year-old project.

Charleston port is the economic center of South Carolina. In 1851, the first project to deepen the channel was completed. It grew from 12 feet to 17 feet. This year’s eighth was inspired by the Panama Canal expansion to allow larger ships to use the route from the Pacific to Atlantic.


Precarious is the position of Charleston port as the deepest on East Coast. The Port of Virginia has been made deeper by work in Norfolk.

South Carolina officials recognize that it is not only a deep channel that ensures a port’s success. To get goods into and out of South Carolina, hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in better railroads and highways. This will help speed up the loading and unloading process of ships.

Nearly all of the fastest-growing companies in South Carolina in the last 30 years, including Boeing, Michelin, and BMW consider the Port of Charleston an important location.

This step will make us more competitive. This will attract more business and investment to our state. “Our deepening project will bring South Carolinians economic success and opportunities for decades to follow,” Barbara Melvin, CEO of South Carolina Ports, stated.

South Carolina has made Charleston’s port more accessible to all ships. This harbor is still one of the most important on the East Coast.

Monday’s ceremony included a tribute to former Democratic president Barack Obama, who supported federal money for the project of nearly $600,000,000 after state legislators offered $300 million upfront in the early 2010.

U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham stated that the state money was crucial because it allowed federal officials to know how serious South Carolina was about expanding Port of Charleston.

Monday’s ceremony was concluded by Graham turning a switch to signal a dredge located just offshore Mount Pleasant’s Memorial Waterfront Park, which would send a stream water and silt into space as the last yard of material.

Melvin promised to give jars of the valuable seafloor to dignitaries attending the event.


Graham stated that South Carolina’s incredible growth since BMW arrived 30 years ago could not have continued without the project.

Graham stated that South Carolina’s economy would have been “brick walled” if it had not been for Graham. “We are going to celebrate the seven most important feet in South Carolina’s history.”

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