Scalise Talks Cancer Diagnosis, Fighting Spirit ] DETAILS ]” I WILL TACKLE THIS WITH STRENGTH”

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise has been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma —a treatable blood cancer he is determined to “tackle with strength.

House Majority leader Steve Scalise was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a blood cancer that can be treated. He is determined to “address with strength” the diagnosis.

After a few days where I didn’t feel like myself, I decided to get some bloodwork done. After undergoing further tests and a review of the results, I was found to have Multiple Myeloma. This is a blood cancer that can be treated. Scalise said on X that he has now started treatment and will continue it for several months.

“I intend to continue my work in Washington as Majority leader and serve the people of Louisiana’s First Congressional District.” I am so grateful that we detected this cancer early, and it is treatable.

I am grateful for my medical team and will face this challenge with the same energy and strength as I have faced previous challenges. With the help of God and the support of my family and friends, my colleagues and constituents I will be able to overcome it.

Members of the GOP shared their prayers for House Leader X.

We are thinking of Rep. Scalise, his family and all those who have been affected by this difficult time.

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