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The family of missing Texas dad Colby Richards says they are "hoping to cast a wider" volunteer search net after he disappeared from his Spring, Texas, home on May 26.

Colby Richards, a missing dad, is being tracked down by his family. They are trying to reconstruct the events of Friday, exactly one week before he vanished from his Spring home.

Richards awoke at 5 am on May 26. When his wife awoke later, she saw that their backyard gate had been left open. Richards wasn’t in sight.

As I mentioned in my interview last night, it has been over seven days since Colby vanished. We have changed our strategy because a centralized check-in for search makes less sense. Richards’ cousin Allison Fox wrote on Friday, “Help Us find Colby Richards,” that a centralized check-in “makes less sense.” She added that the family was “still searching, but hope to cast an even wider net, since so much of Colby’s area has already been thoroughly searched.”

Fox News Digital reported that the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office sent search teams to a pedestrian path near Richards’ house after his wife reported his disappearance last week. “A water bottle from his was found near the trailhead, in the wooded areas with trails and other stuff behind where they lived,” Fox said.


Colby Richards’ water bottle was found “near the trailhead, in the wooded area behind where they live with trails and other stuff,” according to his cousin.

According to Fox, this is the only proof of Richards’ location that the authorities have found since he left his home on the morning of the 26th of May without his wallet, phone or keys.


Richards’ family is organizing volunteer searches after the MCSO has suspended its search for several days in the Woodlands region.

Colby Richards has been missing for several days since he left his Spring, Texas home on May 24.

In a statement released by Fox News Digital on Thursday, MCSO spokesperson Scott Spencer said that the investigation was ongoing and that “the sheriff’s department is not searching areas in which there is no credible evidence that Mr. Richards could be in that area.” This includes all areas that were previously searched by both our agency and Montgomery County Search and Rescue.

Spencer stated that “our detectives are currently in the field and are following leads and information received as they are received.”

Colby Richards had just started working full-time at an engineering company in the area. He also worked part-time coaching baseball, something he’s been doing for many years.

CalTopo is an app that volunteers use to track their search areas and look for signs of Richards.

Fox also said that Richards’s family is “assembling a timeline” of what happened on Thursday in the hope that it will provide more insight.

According to Richards’ LinkedIn page, he had only started his new job two months before his disappearance as an electrical distribution design technician for an engineering firm.

Colby Richards started his new job at an engineering company as an electrical distribution design technician two months before his disappearance.

Fox reported that his coworkers had told the family he appeared to be dozing off at his computer on Thursday, just before he disappeared. She gave the information to authorities who spoke with Richards’ coworkers.

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The family created a GoFundMe account titled “Help Us Find Colby Richards”, to raise money for the volunteer search.

He was last seen in a gray Under Armour sneaker, black shorts, and a white T-shirt. After a week, his family noticed that he might have facial hair.

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