Selective Contempt

State of the Union: The left takes felonies for granted and deals with cultural dissidents the only way they know how. The post Selective Contempt appeared first on The American Conservative.

The D.C. Metro killed Brendan Ofori, 17, on Sunday morning. The Washington Post story includes crime stats comparing the year-to date data of the transportation system from this year to last year: robberies are up 156 percent; aggravated assaults are up 35 percent; and larcenies are up 116 percent.

Joe Biden, the vice president of the United States, signed the rejection by the Congress of proposed amendments which would have reduced the mandatory maximum punishments and eliminated the majority of mandatory minimum sentences.

The increase in crime statistics could be due to an increased police presence. I’ll forgive the higher numbers for a better understanding of the direction the wind is going. This can’t explain every rise: the number of calls for service has increased by almost 42 percent since last year.

The headline of WaPo’s local crime coverage caught my attention. It was ironically placed on the right-hand column, which is used to promote articles that have gained traction. “The revolt against Christian homeschoolers”, read the headline. John Hirschauer , a colleague of mine at TAC, called this article out yesterday. “I’m always amazed by the reporters’ contempt and caricaturistic views of conservative Christianity,” he said. WaPo journalists use the same Metro system which has responded to 4 homicides this year, compared to zero at this time last. They walk past the criminals who’s mugshots are featured on the evening news.

WaPo reporters are shocked when they hear about Christian parents who homeschool their children and meet up with friends during the week. They think that the Kentuckians, on the other hand, are the problem. The Post may know something that we do not: perhaps the Sunday shooter was homeschooled.

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