September 8th, 2023

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the war on America by the Democrat party, who hate this country, is not just focused on Donald Trump.

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the war on America by the Democrat party, who hate this country, is not just focused on Donald Trump. They want to destroy Trump and make an example out of him, but they also want to make an example out of anyone who opposes the Democrat party, especially anyone involved in the 2020 election. This is what you get when you criminalize politics; Democrat cities indicting people for simply challenging an election and turning it into RICO charges. The right to a speedy trial exists in the Bill of Rights to the benefit of the citizen, not the government, and Judge Chutkan rushing Trump’s trial date and jumping in front of the Florida case is a blatant misuse of her power. This is a war on the Republic being waged by the ruling class elite in Washington D.C.  Also, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump were breakthrough, game-changing Presidents who pierced the Washington bubble and shook up the establishment. We keep hearing from Republicans and the media how great Ronald Reagan was, yet they never believed it while he was running for President or even while President; especially from the “Stop Reagan” movement from the Bush’s. We can’t be fooled by people like Joe Scarborough or Chris Christie, who want to use Reagan to trash Trump. Later, Mark is joined by Peter Navarro, former Assistant to President Trump, to discuss his conviction of contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents to the corrupt January 6 committee.

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Georgia special grand jury recommended charges for Sens. Lindsey Graham, David Perdue, Kelly Loeffler

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Meadows Loses Bid to Move Ga. Election Case to US Court

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5th Circuit finds Biden White House, CDC violated First Amendment

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Rough transcription of Hour 1

Segment 1
Hello, America. Mark Levin here. Our number 877-381-3811.  877-381-3811. I’ve been warning over and over again, particularly those people who don’t like Donald Trump, that the war on America by the Democrat Party that hates his country is not just focused on Donald Trump. Of course they want to destroy Donald Trump. They want to make an example out of us here. But they want to make an example out of all of you. All of you. Did you see where the special so-called Georgia grand jury recommended indicting Senators Lindsey Graham, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler? Did you see that? This is a big story. Now, they weren’t indicted, but they could have easily been indicted. Brett case in Georgia. That would have meant that. 22 people indicted, all Republicans. Federal Republican. State Republicans. Local Republicans. For the crime of. Vigorously trying to win the election. In 2020. None of those people committed a single offense. Not one. Fake electors. They’re not fake electors. Our history tells us what was done. In a close election. If a party. In a close election, you have a party that’s behind by a few thousand votes, and that’s all it was. That’s all it was. Sending their own electors. You want to know why? Because if they don’t send their own electors and they win. And they win. They have no electors to be count. These people recommended the indictment of Lindsey Graham, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. The latter two were senators at the time. And of course, Lindsey Graham is a senator. The panel urged Fulton County D.A. Fanny Willis to indict them. According to its 28 page report. Wallace, an elected Democrat, indicted Trump and 18 alleged co-conspirators on 1814 on charges including racketeering. Wow, that sounds really bad. It’s crap. This is what prosecutors do. This is a law that was exclusively intended to use against mobsters and gangsters. Look how it’s completely out of control. Graham testified to the grand jury in November last year about his actions following the 2020 election. Grand jurors voted 13 to 7 in favor indicting the fourth term senator, according to the grand jury report. Graham apparently was in the panel’s crosshairs because of his post-election outreach to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. Oh, that’s right. You’re not allowed to talk to the Georgia secretary of state. To try and persuade him maybe to count the votes in another county that may not have been counted or anything else. Who do you think you are talking to? The secretary of State. We believe that. These are all commonplace, routine activities in the course of an election. All of them. That’s why this investigative grand jury. And that’s why. Fannie Willis. Indicted so many Republicans. They weren’t caught doing anything wrong. They’re doing everything Republicans do and Democrats do and others do in elections. Graham said Friday he was invited on the show and he didn’t reply. I had questions, as many did, about how the mail ballot process worked in Georgia and other locations. I did my due diligence. At the end of the day, I voted to certify the election results from every state, including Georgia, should never be a crime proof federal elected official, particularly the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, will have to vote to certify president election to question ensure the integrity of that election. No, no, of course it needs to be. More jurors voted to charge Loeffler and Perdue senators than both of whom narrowly lost reelection. Panel members voted 14 to 6 to indict Loughlin, 74, in favor of charging Purdue. This is what you get in Democrats cities, America. This is what you get. Sickening. Sick to your stomach over this. Well, this may have opted against indicting the pro-Trump senators because the grand jury breakdown indicated difficulty winning a conviction at trial. Yeah, it might be tough to win a conviction at trial. Grand juries voted 20 to 1 in favor of indicting each. General Flynn, Boris Epstein, top adviser to the president. Lin Wood, raising questions about Wallace’s decision not to charge them. Wow. Why didn’t she charge them to? Cause she should have more. The merrier. Makes it harder for each one of them to defend themselves. Wrap them all together on a RICO charge. And what does this demonstrate? Several things. When you criminalize politics, this is what you get. And I hear people say the Democrats don’t know what they’re doing here because the Republicans will respond. They’ll do this one day. They won’t. Then never do it. They’re too friggin gutless. There’s not a D.A. in America. That will take this disgusting Stalinist. Indictment and all these charges. And applied anywhere, any Republican area in the nation. Not one has. How many state attorneys general have stepped in? Who are Republicans? Not one. And they’re not going to. In fact, we’ve candidates running for the Republican nomination for president specifically, but not exclusively. Chris Christie. Who says Donald Trump can’t run for president. I’ll be too busy courthouses. Chris Christie is actually using. The Democrat war on the Constitution, on the electoral system, on the republic. He’s actually trying to exploit it for your votes. The fact that the Democrats are interfering in this election in a thousand different ways. Is the Chris Christie an opportunity? An opportunity. To separate himself from the pack. To separate himself from the pack. Now. What do you think the founders of the country would say about all this? You’d think they’d say, this is the way it’s supposed to work. Now when we. Have this constitution when it was adopted. And ratify. As I’ve told you many times before. There was no Department of Justice. Department of Justice was instituted under Ulysses Hess Grant. There were around 93 U.S. attorneys. Federal judges do not have the power that they have today. States had no power to indict federal officials. None. None whatsoever. And they didn’t. This is a war on the country and this is a war on the republic. There is no question that Cheney Wallace colluded. With Jack Smith in Washington. There’s no question that Judge Tanya Duncan colluded with the Democrat Party hack judge in the Manhattan case when she was setting the date for the trial. And by the way, the first 18 minutes or so of life, liberty in this sun. My opening statement. Is a brutal takedown of that judge, brutal takedown of Tanya Duncan. And her violations of the judicial code. The judicial code of conduct for violations of the Sixth Amendment, as well as the Fifth Amendment. Denying due process and the effective representation of counsel to Trump. And I’m going to give you examples. Why not just allegations? You’re going to learn about three memos. Identical memos. They were written by three separate attorneys, General Michael Mukasey, Republican. Eric Holder, Democrat. Loretta Lynch, Democrat. All of which. Directed federal prosecutors. To make 100% certain they don’t interfere in campaigns in elections. With the timing. There were indictments and investigations. I guess that doesn’t apply to Donald Trump or any Republican at this point. We have in the Constitution what’s called a right to a speedy trial. That right doesn’t exist for the convenience of the judge. That right doesn’t exist for the convenience of the prosecutor. The Department of Justice. It’s in the Bill of Rights. The Bill of your Rights. That exists because the framers remember the days when they were colonists and the crown. The crown. Well, throw them in prison. Four years. Without any trial, even without a charge. Well, that Judge Chungking. Says that we need to have a speedy trial because the public deserves it. When this judge picks March 20, March 4th. After consulting with a judge in Manhattan so already draw a conclusion. She didn’t need a hearing the day before the Republican Super Tuesday elections. She sought to do maximum damage. With this judge, Chunk can jump the line. She was the second federal case. To undermine the scheduling and the trial date of the first federal case with Judge Cannon in Florida. She did so purposely. Why? Why? First of all, defense counsel would not have time to go through 12.8 million pages of documents, five months. That’s never happened in federal charging history. Department of Justice couldn’t even come up with a single example and relatively minor cases. You also hear from David Schoen, this fantastic civil rights and. Criminal defense attorney. Who others are now using, but used to be on my show. You’ll be on it again. That he has a case in for in. Mr. Producer. It’s been sitting there for three years. Three years. But she’s in a hurry now. Because she wants this phony Washington, D.C. jury. Made up almost exclusively of Trump hating Democrats. To convict Trump, at least on one charge. So Chris Christie and the rhinos and. Wall Street Journal editorial page, Annie McCarthy, National Review and the others then go on and on and tell us that Trump is now a convicted felon running for president. We can have that. They play into the. You know, the worse that’s taking place. This country. Rather than standing up and condemning it. But it’s not just Trump. Lindsey Graham, two former Republican senators, the speaker of the House, Georgia. And the list goes on and on and on. Anything works. And the thing is about this judge in Washington, this federal judge, drunken. There are strong issues for appeal already. But not not in every case, but most cases. He can’t get them to the circuit court. So she knows by the time that’s addressed, the election will be over. She’s diabolical. She should not only not be on this case, she shouldn’t be on the federal bench. And wait till you hear my opening statement on Sunday. I’ve got a lot more to say about this. I’ll be right back.

Segment 2
You know, ladies and gentlemen, it’s amazing thing. There’s a guy that writes a book on Biden for a day or two. It’s a big flash in the pan. Our friends on Fox, CNN, MSNBC, the newspapers. And then it craters. Traders. Guy has written a book on Elon Musk. He’s all over the Democrat Party media and same cable networks. His book comes out, I think, next week. They quote from the book, Oh, wow, look at this. And Elon Musk did that and Elon Musk did this. Same thing will happen. They’re not deep books. They’re just not. A lot of gossip in there. Writers spent a lot of time interviewing people, and history will never know that they were even written. I write these books, and thanks to you, they’re incredibly popular. They get into very deep subjects. We look back and so many of the things that were written about have happened today. And these same media platforms act like it doesn’t even exist now. We don’t need them. But that’s how they act. I’ll be back.

Segment 3
I want you to listen to some of these people. Dick Cheney in a video message yesterday who has disgraced himself over and over again, as has the rest of his family. In the face of what you’re seeing in this country, the rounding up of hundreds and hundreds of innocent. Supporters and protesters throwing the book at them, putting them in prison while leniency for violent criminals. Violent left wing Democrat Party militia. Dick Cheney hasn’t said a word about it. This is what happens on the Republican side. It puts out a video message yesterday. Cut one go. And our nation is 246 year history. There has never been an individual who is a greater threat to our republic than Donald Trump. He tried to steal the last election using lies. All right. Let’s let’s let let’s let’s. On this. Isn’t, said the man who became vice president. Through the litigation that occurred in 2000. He and his boss, George W Bush, from whom? We don’t hear anything, thankfully. Won the election. Lost the popular vote, as others have, but won the election. The Electoral College vote because of Florida where his brother was governor. The Supreme Court put an end to the counting, as that should have. So when Donald Trump says all these things took place as a result of the pandemic, the Democrat Party changed the voting rules, all the rules that were in place to ensure the integrity of the election in 2000 when George Bush and Dick Cheney were running for office. Most of those rules don’t even apply anymore. Most of them don’t even apply anymore. It’s amazing. Let’s start at the top again. Go in our nation’s 246 year history. There has never been an individual who is a greater threat to our republic than Donald Trump. He tried to steal the last election using lies and violence to keep himself in power after the voters had rejected it. He is a coward. A real man wouldn’t lie to his supporters. He lost his election and he lost big. I know he knows it. And deep down, I think most Republicans know it. There you go. Here you go. And he’s a coward. Really? It’s a funny way of showing himself as a current doesn’t in America. But you look how the ruling class is all. Pulled together. This is the one thing that unites them, not the threat to our liberty, not the threat from illegal immigrants. The greatest threat is Donald Trump, not Joe Biden. Not what Joe Biden has done to our cities, not the Democrat Party and what they’ve done to our our safety, our communities, not the critical race theory, promoters, promoters. And so whether not the Democrat Party that pushes all these communist agenda items, now it’s Donald Trump. You see, as long as we have people like that. We’re so completely. Obsessed. And project their personal hatred. It’s difficult to defeat these people. The ruling class is united. Chris Christie’s part of the ruling class. Now you can be a governor. That doesn’t mean you’re part of the ruling class. The ruling class involves the rulers within the class. That support each other, support their their agendas together, and they may fight over it. But in the end. At the core, they agree with each other. They agree with each other. They have. Joe Scarborough on the morning show. Show used to be one of Joe excuse me a. Donald Trump’s biggest fans. But Joe Scarborough has transitioned. He’s transitioned. Genitalia. Italian all. So once he was a. A loser. Low IQ Republican. Now he’s a loser. Low IQ. I don’t know what he is. Still transitioning, I guess. Cut to go, claiming the mantle of Reagan conservatism when it’s as far away from from Reagan on certain views as humanly possible. I mean, you can take anywhere from immigration to trade and even guns at the end. I mean, it’s it’s certainly Ukraine. So it’s very interesting that that while they’re not being specifically ideological on one point or another, there is no doubt that know Trump has not come out for Russia and Putin. Some Republicans have. He is not. Trump strength. Nader. I think Reagan would have agreed with that. Under Trump. No president has supported Israel like he is not even Reagan. In fact, no president has advance peace in the Middle East like Reagan has. Excuse me? Like Trump has. Not even Reagan. Nobody loves Ronald Reagan more than I. But Reagan was wrong about amnesty. Trump was right. When it comes to judges, Reagan and Trump agree. When it comes to Supreme Court Justices Reagan and Trump agree. I wonder what Reagan would have really thought? There’s no question there are two different personalities altogether, Reagan and Trump. But I wonder what Reagan would have thought if he was running in 1980. And the Democrat Party did to the election process. In 1982, what it did to it in 2020. I wonder what Reagan would have said there. But the Democrat lawyers, the Democrat judges, the Democratic governors, the Democrat secretaries of state changing all the rules one state to another. I wonder what Reagan would have said. I wonder what he would have said about drop boxes and no signatures and no dating’s for absentee ballots. No witnesses. I wonder what Reagan would have said. What would Reagan have done with China via Taiwan? I think it would have done exactly the same thing that Trump would have done. Exactly. Reagan built up the military. Trump built up the military. I wonder what Reagan would have said in the face of anti from Black Lives Matter in the riots of 2020. We know he put them down on the campuses in California and he actually authorized the use of the National Guard and live ammunition. Trump didn’t do that. Maybe you should have, but he didn’t. Just to point out some of the things Joe Scarborough never will. The farm policy. Peace through strength is basically what Trump’s foreign policy were. Whether Trump wants to admit it or not, it’s true. Trump defends the Second Amendment. Reagan defends the Second Amendment. Trump Defends Pro-Life. Reagan defended Pro-Life. No question about that. There’s a lot of similarities between Trump and Reagan. Personality is not one of them. So what? Who cares? I wonder what Reagan would have said about climate change. I know what he would have said. I campaigned for the man in 76, and I think Scarborough did the campaign for him again in 80. And I worked in administration some senior levels for eight years. He would have been appalled by. Reagan tried to slash the Environmental Protection Agency. Trump did, too. Reagan tried to abolish the Department of Education. He was stopped by the Senate Republicans who were in the majority thanks to his massive landslide in 1980. Trump promotes school choice as a way of dealing with it because he knows the Republicans won’t abolish it either. Reagan shut down the federal government six times. Trump shut it down once and significantly so. Reagan had much more in common. Common with Trump than he ever had with either the Bushes or Dick Cheney. Much more in common with Donald Trump than he ever would have with Chris Christie. Chris Sununu. Reagan spent his life trying to defeat Republicans like that. The ruling elite in the Republican Party in Washington hated Reagan. They tried to take him out with Iran-Contra. They wanted to impeach him. That’s what happened to Reagan. Eight year criminal investigation. I ran Iran-Contra or they’re trying to take out Ronald Reagan. Another similarity Reagan had with Trump. As the Democrats criminalize politics to try and destroy them. Reagan would have agreed with Trump when Trump created the Space Force. And I can go on and on. Back Reagan. Mr. Conservative. Was a fantastic president. Donald Trump was far more conservative. When George W Bush, George H.W. Bush or Dick Cheney. George W Bush never vetoed a single spending bill. Let alone shut down the government. Of course. Reagan was. A game changer. A game changing. President Trump was a game changing president. The Bushes. Their presidencies were pointless as they come to think about it. Utterly pointless. So now on MSNBC, Joe Scarborough throws around Ronald Reagan’s name. I’ll be speaking at the Reagan Library. I’ll be signing at the Reagan Library. I have no idea who speaking for the Reagan Library or any other presidential library. But the letter that they put out, people can imply that it was talking about Donald Trump, but they can also imply that it was about Joe Biden. And the Democrats. Certainly so. I’ll be right back.

Segment 4
I want to remind you that George H.W. Bush, when he was running for president on Ronald Reagan’s coattails and he won on Ronald Reagan’s coattails to distance himself from Ronald Reagan. Kinder and gentler. Remember that we’re going to be kinder and gentler in this administration. And he went the way of the rhinos and he was defeated. And we never won California again. And it was the Bush family that tried to stop Reagan. It was Karl Rove who tried to stop Reagan was Mitch McConnell who tried to stop Reagan. I lived through all this, ladies and gentlemen. These were hard fought battles. If they had had their way, there’d be no Ronald Reagan. We’re supposed to believe that a guy by the name of Joe Scarborough, a guy by the name of Chris Christie, a guy by the name of Chris Sununu, that they would have been all there for Reagan. They would have been on the Reagan caravan. No way. They would have been trying to kneecap him and cripple him every step of the way. Give me an example. Okay. These guys don’t like. They don’t like Trump. Okay. Who’s the next in line? Is the conservative. A proven conservative? Let’s just be honest. DeSantis. Proven conservative. So if you don’t like Trump and you’re these guys, why wouldn’t you back to Santos? They attack him, too, just as they attack Reagan. They don’t want the Santa. They’re looking at a Nikki Haley or a Chris Christie or somebody like that. Why? Because they’re Bush lite. That’s why. And I don’t say this to attack anyone. I’m just making a point. So now the rhino establishment, Republicans on MSNBC and CNN. They’re now. Standing on the mantle of Reagan. And by the way. We have very conservative millionaires and billionaires. When they’ve passed away, they’ve created foundations. The MacArthur Foundation was founded by a very conservative multi-billionaire insurance magnate. The Pew Foundation, Sunoco outside of Philly. A born again Christian. He founded. As I said, Sanogo left multibillionaires to his foundation, Pure all left wing. But they may hope you and MacArthur, you could say the same thing about the Ford Foundation, because these individuals know how to secrete themselves into these institutions and take them over. So don’t hang me. This library says this, and this library says that when the people are named after aren’t even here anymore, the bureaucrats that run the various libraries. They’re not the president. The libraries are named after. But the bureaucrats who run the libraries, which are run effectively overseen by the National Archives. So this is put together. Who put it together? We don’t know who at each library was behind it. We don’t know. So why do we care? You and I, we’re living in the moment. We know what’s taking place. We know who’s doing what. And Cheney tells us the greatest threat we face is the man destroying our economy, our court system, the Constitution, the law. Is it the man destroying the American military? Law enforcement? Our currency? No, no, no, no. It’s Trump. Oh, okay. We’ll take that seriously. Cheney. Canadian sport regen either. They thought he was a cowboy. They said he was stupid. They said this. They said that same thing. Different personality completely regen for him. I can tell you. I know. And I knew both men. Totally different. Both hated. All these clowns say we can’t tolerate Trump. Isn’t it funny that they don’t support dissenters, They don’t rally around dissenters because they don’t want to say this either. They don’t want their Santas. They want a Bush, They want a nix. And that’s what they want. I’ll be right back.

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