Shaquille o’Neal was served with a FTX-related suit at Miami Heat playoff match after dodging servers months

After somehow successfully avoiding it for months, Shaquille O’Neal was finally served papers on Tuesday in a legal battle over his involvement with a failed cryptocurrency exchange.

After avoiding the issue for several months, Shaquille o’Neal received papers in a court case on Tuesday regarding his involvement with an unsuccessful cryptocurrency exchange.

The 7-foot-1 star was dodging lawsuits and other celebrities, like Tom Brady, Larry David, who had endorsed the now-b insolvent cryptocurrency business.

The brave process server managed to get Shaq, a TNT analyst, at the Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals, which took place on Tuesday in Miami, where the Heat’s hometown team faced the Boston Celtics.

The Heat plays their home games in Kaseya Center. This building was formerly known as FTX Center, but it changed its name after the collapse of Sam Bankman and Fried’s venture.

Adam Moskowitz told NBC’s sports platform Pro Football Talk that the plaintiff was provided with the documents personally. “So he can’t use his absurd delay tactics,” said Moskowitz.

We watched the Heat/Celtics match the night before, so we knew he’d be in the outside booth with fans right next to him.

According to his lawyer, O’Neal has been the subject of a second lawsuit for his involvement in the NFT/crypto-offering Astrals Project.

Moskowitz stated that “the allegations in the new crypto-complaint are very serious, and detail how he, his son, and his business partner founded this NFT Metaverse, and he promised every week he would be involved so the NFTs’ value would grow greatly.” He hasn’t been heard from since the FTX scam was exposed.

On Thursday, it was not possible to reach a representative of O’Neal for comment.

Hall of Fame hoopster said that as a “paid spokesperson” shouldn’t be responsible for failed ventures.

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