SHED THE BOOZE: CNN BOSS Chris Licht Tells Employees Not to Get Drunk about New Year’s Eve Survive Show

Why would anyone want to watch this?

According to The Daily Wire’s report, Chris Licht, the CEO ofnew CNN, told his hosts and anchors that this year’s New Year’s Eve live show would be alcohol-free. Anderson Cooper, however, can still drink.

Don Lemon and Co., however, are not in for a wet night.

From The Daily Wire

Licht will oversee the New Year’s Eve broadcast this year for the first time since he took control of the network in February. Licht told staff members that drinking on-air would reduce their credibility and “respectability” during a meeting.

Anderson Cooper, CNN’s flagship anchor, has hosted the show since 2002. Andy Cohen, a radio and television host, was Cooper’s friend. He replaced Kathy Griffin as the show’s comedienne. Lemon and other hosts broadcast often from other places in the country. It is known for its antics. Some notable examples include: Griffin wrapping Cooper in tin foil for 10 years of hosting the show; Lemon getting his ear pierced live; Randi Kaye following a group pot smokers while riding on a bus; and CNN reporter Bill Weir getting a tat on air.

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