SHILL BIDEN FLOTUS: ‘I Know Hunter Is Innocent’

FLOTUS Dr. Jill Biden defended Hunter Biden in a Friday interview with NBC News.

The first lady said, “They keep at [it], and at] it, and then at it again and again.” “I know Hunter is innocent. “I love my son and will continue to look forward.”

The New York Post reports that investigators have found enough evidence to indict Hunter, 52, for tax crimes and lying about his drug use so he could purchase a gun.

President Biden spoke earlier this month to CNN’s Jake Tapper, saying that he has great confidence in his son.

“I love him, he’s straight and narrow, and he has been that way for a few years. He is a great man,” the president said.

A watchdog group looked over Hunter Biden’s laptop and found that there were more than 400 federal and state crimes.

Jill believes Hunter is a good boy.

Read more at The New York Post:

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