SH**TY IDEA: Environmental Protesters Paste Themselves to Floor And then Complain There’s No Restroom

Wolfsburg environmental protestors glued themselves to the floor at the Porsche pavilion in Autostadt Museum to try to get the German auto industry to reduce carbon emissions. Then they discovered they didn’t have a toilet.

Gianluca Grimalda, self-described “experimental economist”, tweeted: “Together 15 members of @ScientistRebel1 occupied the Porsche Pavillion at @Autostadt. 9 of us were glued to the ground and some of our hunger strike until we demand decarbonisation of the German transport sector.”

“VW said they supported our right of protest but refused to provide us with a toilet bowl while we are glued. They also turned off the heating. He complained that people in support couldn’t leave the building.

Video and Tweets:

Grimalda states in his video that “current actions and plans are grossly inadequate and even these obligations cannot be met.” Scientist Rebel states that the rate of environmental destruction closely tracks the rate of economic growth. This leads to us extracting more resources out of Earth than we regenerate.” It calls for “degrowth of economies” but assures that living standards won’t be affected by the fact that the richest 10% of the population will have to pay.

From autoevolution:

Volkswagen provided meals for the activists, but it shut off the heat and lights after business hours. Authorities have been notified and Autostadt’s security personnel are reportedly checking in with those who are still stuck on Porsche’s pavilion floor.

[h/t Daily Wire]

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