Six women found dead near Portland raises fears of a possible serial killer in Oregon

Portland police say they have no reason to believe the six unsolved deaths are related, but there are similarities in the cases that experts say raise concern.

Since February, police have found the remains of six women around Portland. This has sparked fears that there is a serial killer prowling this area.

The remains of Kristin S. Smith were discovered by police on February 19, Joanna Speaks was found on April 8, Bridget Webster, on April 30, Charity Perry, on April 24, Ashley Real and an unidentified sixth woman on 24 April.

All were found within 75 miles from the Pacific Northwest City. Portland’s Police Bureau has disputed the notion that these cases are connected.

The police stated that “while any premature death is disturbing, and we will diligently examine deaths that occur in our jurisdiction, in collaboration with Multnomah County, and Oregon State Medical Examiners’ offices, PPB does not have reason to believe the six cases are related.”


In the last five months, the remains of six women have been found within 75 miles of Portland in Oregon. These include: Kristin Smith (left), Joanna Speaks (right), Bridget Webster (center), Charity Perry and Ashley Real.

Perry’s death and disappearance have led her mother to bring attention to her case as well as others.

Diana Allen, Fox News Digital: “I know she didn’t find her on her own.” “And whoever put her in that place tried to prevent her from being discovered.”


Charity Perry’s body was discovered in a park on 24 April. Before her disappearance, she lived in Vancouver, Washington. (Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office).

Her mother stated that Perry had been homeless for some time and was living in a tent about nine miles north-east of Portland. Her remains were found in a culvert 35 miles east of Portland, Washington.

Kristin Smith was 22 years old when she went missing in December 2022. Police discovered her remains in a wooded area in Pleasant Valley on February 19. The cause and manner of her death are still unknown.

Ashley Real, 22 years old, was last seen on March 27, at a fast food restaurant in Portland. Her remains were found by police on May 7, in Eagle Creek about 25 miles south of Portland. Clackamas County authorities, who are also investigating, have determined that her death is suspicious, but has not yet been officially ruled as a homicide.

Kristin, on the left, and Ashley Real, on the right, were both found dead, in February and respectively, May. Portland Police Bureau: Portland Police is investigating both cases, but says they have no reason to suspect a connection.

Multnomah county authorities refused to provide Fox News Digital with the autopsy reports of both women on Monday, citing ongoing investigations. Both toxicology reports and autopsy reports were still pending for both victims.

Police said that the death of another woman, who has not been identified, found in Portland, is not being investigated for homicide.

The police said that the PPB Homicide Unit was not involved in the investigation.

A sketch by an artist of a woman who has not been identified, found on the 24th April near Interstate 205 in Multnomah County.

The police are still trying to identify her. Police said she was “possibly Native American”, or Native Alaskan, with tattoos on her chest of a music notation and on her right shoulder blade of a Buddha seated.

According to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, Joanna Speaks (32), was found dead in an abandoned barn on April 8th, Washington. This is about 23 miles north-northeast of Portland.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office in Washington is investigating the death as a murder after Joanna Speaks’ remains were discovered in an abandoned barn.

The sheriff’s department said that there are signs that the body may have been moved . The sheriff’s office said in a statement that the case is being investigated as one of homicide. No further details about the circumstances surrounding the body will be released at this time.

The Clark County Medical Examiner’s Office determined that Speaks’ death was a homicide due to blunt head and neck trauma.

A search of the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System database (NamUs), revealed that at least four Jane Does had been discovered in the area in 2022. One woman was found in Lowell in Oregon in May, another in Salem in Oregon in November, and two others in Woodland in Washington in March and April.


Bridget Webster, a resident of Milwaukie in Oregon, was discovered dead on 30 April in Polk County. The age of Bridget Webster was not immediately known. (Polk County Sheriff’s Office).

One of the animals had been hit by a train. Two of them were found along rural roads, and the other was discovered floating in the Columbia River.

In police parlance it takes two people to make a pattern, said Joseph Giacalone. A former NYPD sergeant, Giacalone is now a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. You look at them and try to find a connection.

He said that the investigation was in its initial stages, and the police would be able, as they have more information, to determine what caused the deaths.

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He said, “At a minimum, you should have six sets human remains. You can then take the information from there, and ignore all the noise – the internet, the bloggers, and anyone else who wants to make this more than it really is.”

Fox News Haley Chi Sing contributed to the report.

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