SOMMER GET READY! : Oklahoma Gov. Oklahoma Gov.

GOP Governors all across the country continue to answer the call of Texas Governor Greg Abbott; Abbott asked for assistance securing the border last month.

The GOP Governors across the nation continue to respond to the request of Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Abbott requested assistance last month in securing border.

Kevin Stitt, the Governor of Oklahoma, is this time’s guest.

“Republican Governors step up when President Biden will not.” He tweeted: “Today, I have committed to sending OK National Guardsmen at the border to clean-up Biden’s mess.”

Oklahoma, along with Iowa, Virginia and Arkansas, Florida, Idaho as well as Nebraska, North Dakota Ohio, South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee, West Virginia and South Dakota have sent troops to Texas.

“As Governor I do not take the decision to send members of our National Guard lightly. As a parent of a deployed Soldier, I am very aware of the sacrifices that the brave men, women, and families of our National Guard make during deployment. Stitt stated that he believes it’s in Oklahoma and the country’s best interests to take action against the federal government for failing to secure the southern border.

Stitt stated that “Republican Governors continue to step in when President Biden refuses lead. And by deploying brave National Guard Troops we are sending a powerful message that we remain committed to defending our border and maintaining law and order within our nation.”

The Daily Caller:

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