Sorry, Meta — You’re Zuck’d! Social Media Giant to Fire 4,000 Workers

According to a New York Post report, Meta and CEO Mark Zuckerberg have told employees to work from home this week as they prepare to cut 4,000 jobs —part of a larger plan to eliminate 10,000 roles.

A New York Postreport states that Meta and CEO Mark Zuckerberg told their employees to work at home this week, as they prepared to cut 4,000 positions –part of a bigger plan to eliminate 10,000 jobs.

The New York Post

Bloomberg News reports that Facebook’s parent told its managers to expect announcements about the layoffs, which are part of CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to make his firm more efficient.

According to a report, the job reductions will affect positions on the flagship social network as well as Instagram and WhatsApp as well as the Reality Labs virtual-reality division.

One Meta employee posted on the Blind social media application, “It is about to be Hunger Games here,”

Bloomberg reported that Meta informed its managers of a reshuffled team and the fact that those who remain in the company will work under new supervisors.

Bloomberg reports that the company told its employees to work at home to process news if possible.

A tech worker posted on Blind: “My partner is there and we’re pretty worried.”

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