Source: Police expect to identify another victim of Gilgo Beach murders

Police are expected to identify another victim in the notorious Gilgo Beach killings on Friday, a senior law enforcement source told NBC New York.

A senior law enforcement official told NBC New York that police are likely to identify a second victim in the Gilgo Beach murders this Friday.

The news conference is scheduled for Friday, 10:30 am. ET about an update on the ongoing investigation of the Gilgo Beach Homicide Investigation Task Force. NBC News’ request for more information about the news conference was not immediately answered by police.

Since 2010, 11 sets of human remainshave been found near or in Ocean Parkway, on Long Island. a href=” killings” target=”_blank”>Eleven sets of human remains /a> were found in or near Ocean Parkway on Long Island since 2010.

The woman who police have called “Jane Doe Seven” appears to be the victim.

In 1996, the remains of Jane Doe Seven was found in Davis Park in Fire Island. According to a Suffolk County Police timeline of the case, DNA was used to link these remains with another set found on April 11, 2011 along Ocean Parkway in Nassau County.

Authorities continue to work at the home, bottom right, of suspect Rex Heuermann in Massapequa Park, N.Y. on July 24, 2023.

Seth Wenig / AP

Long Island residents were on edge for years after the discovery of the remains multiple sexworkers around Gilgo Beach.

Rex Heuermann, after a decade-long investigation, was arrested July 13, and charged with three counts of murder for the deaths of Melissa Barthelemy (24), Megan Waterman (22) and Amber Lynn Costello (27). Heuermann was also suspected of being the main suspect in the disappearance a fourth woman, Maureen Brainard Barnes. She vanished in 2007 at the age of 25. The women in the group were called “Gilgo Four.”

According to the police, all of the victims were believed to be sex workers that advertised online.

Heuermann is a Manhattan architect aged 59 who has pleaded guilty to all charges. Heuermann remains in jail without bail.

In a filing filed on Tuesday, prosecutors requested that Heuermann submit buccal samples. These would “provide additional relevant evidence of defendant’s identification as the perpetrator” and be compared to DNA recovered from crime scenes.

Investigators claim that DNA from a discarded pizza linked Heuermann with a hair found on the burlap used to wrap Waterman’s body.

Heuermann was in court on Tuesday in Riverhead, New York. Michael Brown, his attorney, stated: “We will defend the case in a court of law, and we will take this case to trial.”

Brown said that his client was “a man who had never been arrested.” “He’s maintained his innocent since the beginning of this case.”

The next pre-trial hearing will take place on September 27.

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