Super PAC for Pro-Burgum ramps up ad spend as the second debate looms

Burgum is looking to win enough support to clear the higher thresholds for making next month's debate.

The super PAC that supports North Dakota Governor. Doug Burgum is the biggest 2024 advertiser since the first Republican debate last week. The group wants to give Burgum enough traction for next month’s presidential debate.

AdImpact, a tracking firm, reports that Best of America PAC spent and booked $950,000 in ads since Thursday. This includes all the ads purchased through Monday. The spending has been almost entirely concentrated on the markets covering Iowa and New Hampshire. This includes ads booked up to Monday. The spending was almost exclusively in market areas covering Iowa and New Hampshire. In Iowa, the Cedar Rapids and Des Moines markets each received about $210,000, while the Sioux City market and Davenport market each received about $100,000.

This is more than any candidate or group in that time period, including the two second- and third-most expensive super PACs, those supporting the former Florida Governor, Donald Trump, and the super PACs of the Republican Party. Ron DeSantis (MAGA Inc., and Never Back Down).

The group had telegraphed the spending spree a few weeks earlier. Burgum has less than one month to get 3% in enough polls for him to be allowed to take part in the Republican National Committee’s second debate.

Burgum, who tore his Achilles tendon just a day before the debate, spoke on stage for only eight minutes, which was less than all candidates except the former Arkansas governor. Asa Hutchinson is another candidate who may not be able to make it to the debate next month.

Burgum’s big spending in the past has helped him reach the 3% mark at least in one Iowa poll, which appears to meet RNC criteria. However, he must replicate this showing in one national poll, and at least another statewide survey in New Hampshire, South Carolina, or Nevada, to be considered for the debate stage.

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