Support for Biden’s Labor Secretary nominee is in doubt ahead of confirmation hearing

President Joe Biden’s nomination of Julie Su for labor secretary appears to be in jeopardy as she prepares to testify before at her Senate confirmation hearing.

As she prepares to give testimony at her Senate confirmation hearing on Thursday, President Joe Biden’s nomination of Julie Su as labor secretary is in doubt. Some Democrats are still undecided whether to support her.

Su was nominated to by Biden in order to replace Marty Walsh who left this year to become the head of the National Hockey League Players Association.

Su will likely face opposition from Republicans, as well as some Democrats who may caucus together with Republicans, once his nomination reaches the Senate floor.

Progressives have endorsed Su’s nomination, but moderate Democrats are sceptical. NBC News reportedlast week that Sens. Joe Manchin, D.W.Va. Jon Tester D.Mont. Mark Kelly D.Ariz. and Kyrsten S. Sinema I.Ariz. said they are undecided on whether or not they will support Su, even though they have supported her confirmation for the deputy position in 2021.

Su was narrowly approvedthat same year as deputy labor secretary with a margin of three votes. She received no votes from Republicans. Su’s confirmation vote is unlikely to be successful if the Senate votes 51-49.

When asked about Su, Manchin said “no comment” to reporters this week. Tester responded that he would meet with Su after her testimony before the Senate Health Education Labor and Pensions Committee.

Su’s opponents accuse her of being a partisan and criticize her performance in the past overseeing California’s unemployment program which led to significant fraud losses.

NBC News reported that the top Republican on the Senate HELP Committee will ask Su whether she intends to pursue a political agenda as the Labor Department’s head and also point out her lack of experience in negotiating or handling labour disputes.

A coalition of businesses and workers launched a “Stand Against Su’ campaign outside Capitol Hill. condemned the nominee’s view on the tip credit system. This allows employees to earn a lower wage if they make at least the minimum wage with tips included.

Local trade groups from West Virginia and Arizona – the states where Manchin, Kelly, and Sinema reside – also sent a letter to their senators recently urging them not to support Su’s nomination.

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