Taylor Swift is welcomed by Mexican fans in her Latin American era

Taylor Swift began the international leg of her "Eras Tour" in Mexico City this weekend, with an enthusiastic welcome from fans who embraced the singer’s arrival in a uniquely Latino way.

Taylor Swift’s international leg for her “Eras Tour”, which began in Mexico City on Saturday, was met with a warm welcome by fans.

Swift gave a few Spanish language nods to Mexican fans who personalized elements that made her tour a hit across the U.S.

Swift posted on Instagram Monday that she had played 4 unforgettable shows in Mexico City for the most beautiful, generous and loving fans. Swift added: “Feeling grateful for the memories that we’re creating together on this tour… TE AMO.” She used a Mexican flag as an emoji.

Videos On Social Media Show Friendship bracelets with Spanish-language puns such as “Teylor Suif” and other Spanish-language puns. Even Supreme Court Justice Arturo Zaldivar exchanged bracelets with other fans.

In a video released ahead of the concert, a fan can be seen placing a friendship band at the statue of Tlaloc the Aztec God of Rain and Lightning, in order to spare the singer from bad weather.

Swift appeared to be saying “Te Amo,” Spanish for, “I Love You,” to a young girl at one of her sold-out concerts at Foro Sol in Mexico, one of Mexico’s largest venues. In another clip she gives the microphone to one of Swift’s backup dancers who substitutes part of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” with “Like nunca!”

In another video, you can hear fans chanting “Taylor’s sister, you are already Mexican.”

Outside Foro Sol was an unofficial “merchmarket” that sold posters of Swift as Virgin Mary, as well as T shirts and sweatshirts featuring the singer’s many musical aspects. The market was praised by fans who watched the show online for its creative designs and vibrant spirit.

Kevin Thebar, who attended two Mexico City shows, described his experience as a “before and afterwards” in life.

Thebar told NBC News that her concert was a milestone in the lives of not only herself, but also all those fans who waited for more than ten years to attend and hear her complete musical career. “Above that, she brought her whole production to Mexico. That is a big step forward in the way concerts are conducted in Mexico.”

The Eras Tour has been a huge success, with fans from all over the world. Swift’s Latin American tour will continue in November, with nine concerts across Argentina and Brazil.

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