Texas executes mother strangulation death inmate

A Texas death row inmate was executed Wednesday nearly 20 years after he killed his mother after an argument.

Texas executed a man who murdered his mother, and buried her body in her backyard, despite the lawyers’ appeals that he had a history mental illness.

Tracy Beatty, aged 61, was executed at Huntsville’s state penitentiary by lethal injection. At 6:39 p.m., he was declared dead.

Nearly two decades later, he killed his mother Carolyn Click after an argument at her East Texas house in November 2003. Beatty, who was being asked if he had any final words, choked up and sobbed as he was strapped to a death-chamber gurney. He then began to speak to his wife through a window just a few feet away.


Tracy Beatty was executed Wednesday at Huntsville’s state penitentiary by lethal injection. After an argument in November 2003, the 61-year old was sentenced for strangling Carolyn Click in her East Texas home. (AP)

He said, breaking his voice: “I just want …” to thank you,” he said. “I don’t want to go, baby. I will see you once you reach there. You are my love.” He gave her a kiss.

He also thanked his fellow death row prisoners.

“I love you brothers. He said, “See you on the other side.”

The U.S. Supreme Court denied Wednesday’s appeal from his lawyers. His lawyers appealed to the Supreme Court. They claimed that he had been examined to determine whether he was intellectually disabled.

Prosecutors claimed that Beatty , 62, buried his mother beside her mobile home in Whitehouse. This is about 115 miles southwest of Dallas. Then, he spent her money on drugs, alcohol, and other illegal activities. A neighbor reported to authorities that the pair had been fighting daily and that he had previously assaulted his mother many times.

“Beatty had stated several times that he wanted to shut her down, that he wanted to choke and shut her down,” neighbor, Lieanna Wilkerson testified.

At Huntsville’s state penitentiary, a death row cell is visible, where prisoners are awaiting execution. (Reuters)

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Beatty was the fourth Texas prisoner executed this year.

Stephen Barbee, the next Texas prisoner to be executed, will be executed on Nov. 16. This is the last execution for 2022. According to authorities, Barbee murdered his ex-girlfriend and her 7 year-old son in Texas in 2005.

This report was contributed by the Associated Press.

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