Texas Governor Greg Abbott: 300th bus of illegal immigrants leaves for Chicago because ‘Biden does not do anything’ at the border

Texas Governor Greg Abbott: 300th bus of illegal immigrants leaves for Chicago because 'Biden does not do anything' at the border
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said the 300th bus of illegal immigrants has left the state for Chicago.

As President Biden continues to ignore border issues, the 300th bus carrying migrants left Texas for Chicago on Thursday. Greg Abbott said.

Abbott’s latest bus operation is part a larger effort to transport illegal immigrants from border towns to areas that have sanctuary city policies. This was done to draw attention to the U.S.-Mexico crisis.


As they get ready to board a CTA bus to Chicago, a group of migrants from Texas are served cheeseburgers. On Thursday, another bus left Texas to go to Chicago, Governor Greg Abbott said. Greg Abbott said. (Armando L. Sanchez/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images).

Abbott tweeted, “The 300th Texas bus full of migrants has just left Chicago.” “While Biden does nothing,” Abbott tweeted. Texas will continue to take unprecedented actions to help our border communities and secure the border.

Abbott and other Republicans have criticised the Biden administration because they did not do enough to secure the border, as record-breaking numbers continue to overwhelm border agents in the cities where they are released.

Since March’s launch, he has referred to Operation Lone Star as a joint mission to fight illegal immigration, and crime at the frontier.

He stated that more than 336,000,000 lethal doses fentanyl had been seized since the program began in October. More than 64,000 illegal immigrants were able to evade the Border Patrol, while another 205,000. 000 were arrested.

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More than 2.3 Million migrants were seen at the southern border in fiscal 2022, a record.

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