Texas man kills his roommate and then shoots at the police.

An elderly San Antonio man killed his roommate and fired dozens of rounds at responding police, keeping officers pinned down before he killed himself.

The chief of police in San Antonio said that an elderly man shot and killed his roommate at dawn on Friday, then fired dozens more rounds into the police station, pinning them down until the gunman committed suicide.

Bill McManus, Chief of Police said: “He probably shot in a period of 20 minutes. He probably fired 100 rounds.” He said the first police car to arrive on scene was hit 40 times.

McManus reported that the violence began shortly after 2:30 am, when a person called police to report a man who had murdered his roommate.

He said that when officers arrived, the man had shot out of the apartment door.

One officer fired back but didn’t hit the suspect.

McManus stated that the suspect, who had not been identified at the scene by police, committed suicide. McManus said that the suspect was born in 1950, which makes him 70 years old.

McManus stated that the gunman told someone he knows that he killed his roommate and this man then called police. McManus said that the roommate’s corpse was found in the apartment later, along with the suspect.

McManus stated, “He was shooting everywhere.” An investigation was underway to determine the motive.

The officers evacuated nearby homes they could. The police chief confirmed that no one else was injured.

NBC affiliate WOAI in San Antonio reported. The station reported that the police attempted to contact the suspect but McManus claimed he didn’t communicate with them.

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