Texas murderer sentenced for murdering woman to abort her unborn child: “Evil piece demon”

Taylor Parker, 29, was sentenced to death on Wednesday for murdering a woman in October 2020 and cutting the victim's unborn baby out of her womb.

On Wednesday , a Texas woman was sentenced for murdering a woman and trying to have her unborn child in October 2020.

Taylor Parker, 29 was convicted of the murder of Michelle Simmons-Hancock (21 years old), who later died in a hospital following her birth.

Jessica Brooks, Simmons-Hancock’s mother, called Parker an “evil piece demon flesh” during Wednesday’s victim impact statement.

Brooks stated that her baby was still alive and fighting for her babies , according to the Texarkana Gazette.

The photo of Taylor Parker was provided by the Bi State Detention Center in Texarkana. Parker was convicted Monday, October 3, 2022 of capital murder for the killing of a pregnant woman in order to abort her unborn child. (Bi-State Detention Center via AP, File) (Bi-State Detention Center via AP, File)

The prosecution argued that Parker, who was trying to keep her boyfriend, disguised herself as pregnant and faked ultrasounds during the three week trial.


She also watched many YouTube videos on caring for and delivering infants. She also viewed a 35-week-old video about the physical examination of a preterm baby. Simmons-Hancock was 35 weeks pregnant at the time she was killed.

Taylor Parker was executed Wednesday at the Bowie County Courthouse. (Google Maps)

Just over an hour passed before the six-member jury of six men, six women, returned the death sentence.

“You have been convicted of capital murder. You will be executed under Texas law.” Parker was told by the judge that he had sentenced him to death, according to the Texarkana Gazette. The bailiff was then instructed to remove Parker from the courtroom. “Take her to the death row.”

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Parker’s lawyer did not respond to a Wednesday request for comment.

This report was contributed by The Associated Press.

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