Texas Tech coach Steve Sarkisian responds to Big 12 Commissioner’s comments before the Texas Tech game

Texas Coach Sarkisian responds to Big 12 Commissioner's comments ahead of Texas Tech game, indicating Commissioner Yormark won't be sharing a meal with the Longhorns this season.

Texas coach Steve Sarkisian believes Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark will not be dining with the Longhorns during this season Texas is last in the league.

Sarkisian was questioned Monday during his weekly press conference about Yormark telling Texas Tech Coach Joey McGuire to “take care of the business” before the Red Raiders face Texas the day following Thanksgiving.

Sarkisian, who said he would not be invited to a Thanksgiving dinner by Yormark because he will be in Austin to watch the game, said that a similar invitation is unlikely to come from him.

Sarkisian told reporters on Monday, “I received a letter about sportsmanship from the commissioner the day before this speech.” “I’m trying figure out what we are promoting to our students-athletes, and then I go say these type of things. I don’t think he will be eating Thanksgiving dinner with us on the night of that game.


Texas Coach Steve Sarkisian has said that Yormark will likely not receive a holiday invitation before the Big 12’s exit.


The No. The No.

Texas and No. Oklahoma, ranked 20th, is in their final Big 12 campaign before they move to the Southeastern Conference next year. When they announced their departure two summers ago, it was expected that they would remain until the 2024-25 academic school year, coincident with the current media rights agreement. The league’s media rights deal has changed, and they will be leaving after the current season.

The Big 12 will have 14 teams this year, as BYU and Cincinnati join the league before Texas and Oklahoma. Next year, the Big 12 will expand to 16 teams with the addition of Arizona, Arizona State and Colorado, who are currently in Pac-12. 14 Utah.

“We were able get Texas and Oklahoma out of the way a year earlier. It was a huge deal for us and you, too,” Yormark said at the Raider Club Kickoff Luncheon last Thursday, drawing applause by Tech fans.

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