Texas woman buried disabled son and hid death, police say.

A Texas woman allegedly buried her deceased disabled teenage son without informing authorities that he had died, police said.

A Texas women is accused of burying the body of her disabled teenage son without informing authorities that he died.

After the arrest warrant, Veronica Marie Soriano was fired from her job at the Lago Vista Public Works Department.

Child Protective Services officers and police were dispatched to Soriano’s house in March for a welfare inspection of her son, who was 16 years old. The boy, who was bedridden and physically and mentally challenged, was inspected by Child Protective Services and police officers in March. CPS notified CPS that the boy hadn’t received treatment since 2020.


span v-1fd77e21 =””> Police said that Veronica Marie Soriano (34), allegedly buried the body of her disabled son, but did not inform authorities. (Lago Vista Police Department)

Soriano’s daughter called her mother and told her that her younger brother would be visiting her Georgia grandfather. When they called her grandfather, he told them the boy was there. Later, he recanted his statement after CPS asked Georgia officials to conduct a welfare inspection there.

Soriano called CPS shortly after to report that her son died. She claimed that when she returned home with her 3-year old child, he was unresponsive. A welfare check at the house was conducted out of concern for the child. However, no one was present.

officers found Soriano in her vehicle that night with two shovels and a pickaxe. Later, a search warrant revealed an empty bag of charcoal, a white powder bottle, a plastic spoon with residue, and other items.

The next day, detectives received a Google Maps image with a marker indicating the location where the boy may have been buried. Police said that they discovered a mound covered in rocks of dirt at the site, which was an empty lot about 16 miles away from Lago Vista.

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The body was found under the charcoal briquets, wood chips and powdery white substance. Authorities believe that the body was buried sometime between February 25 and March 10

“I find it disgusting. “I think that if someone has a child who is in an unstable state, they should make sure they have the strength to help them, and if not, then they should get some help,” a neighbour told 15 News.

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