The 26th of July 2023

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, the judge in the Hunter Biden federal court case put her foot down and refused to sign off on the corrupt plea deal, forcing Hunter to plead not guilty instead.

The judge in the Hunter Biden case refused to approve the corrupt plea agreement on Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show. Hunter was forced to plead guilty. Merrick Garland, the DOJ, and Hunter Biden were all involved in the Hunter Biden deal, which was designed to cover up and censor any investigation into Joe Biden. IRS whistleblowers were alerted by the deal, which would have exempted Hunter from any tax evasion charges and immunity to future crimes. Garland and other Obama Marxists at the DOJ must be exposed as the mob boss attorneys they are. There is no doubt that the Biden White House has been involved in the DOJ’s level of corruption. We’re up against a Democrat Party that wants to destroy America and a media which continues to demonize Donald Trump, but not Joe Biden. Jack Smith also violated DOJ regulations by having a grand jury at the wrong location in Washington D.C., when Donald Trump’s activities were all in Florida, at Mar-A-Lago. Smith is fighting to have a Democrat-led jury in D.C. in order to secure an easy conviction. This case is a perfect example of how the case has been manipulated in the worst possible way. You can’t pick grand juries from one city and then trial jury in another. Jack Smith’s appointment as special counsel is a terrible idea. It will only make the situation worse. Mark talks with Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, an author, about his latest book The king of late night.


CNN Shocked as Hunter’s plea deal disintegrates before their eyes

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Who are the lawyers who work with Special Counsel as he nears a decision on Trump cases

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Hour 1 rough transcription

Segment 1

Hello America. Mark Levin is here. Our number is 877-381 3811. 877-381-3811. Evidently, it was not in the show last night. Brian Mudd, my friend, deserves a big thank you. In the next hour, I’ll explain why. Oh, good. People say it’s very complex. What happened today at the federal court in Wilmington, Delaware with the federal judge present? It’s very complicated. The sweetheart agreement and everything else went haywire. Mary Ellen Noriega is the name of the judge. As we are reminded repeatedly, President Trump appointed her. As I’ve reminded you repeatedly, the lower federal trial court is the district court. The president can make these appointments, but must do so with the support from the senators of their state. If they refuse to support the nomination, it will be blocked forever. It is therefore a Trump nominee in Joe Biden’s state. So Biden, or his people, i.e. the two fake Senators from Delaware had to agree. That’s not important. What happened today? This judge, whoever she is and whatever her background may be, put her foot forward. She did something no federal judge has ever done in Washington, D.C. She did not. Later, I’ll talk more about this, since those judges are working for the Department of Justice. They are in the tank of the government. They are in the tank of the Bidens. Some of them are Republicans but they are all from the Department of Justice. They’re also very angry with Trump. They are always ruling against Trump, and against his people. Most of these cases are brought before Obama-appointed judges, but this is not the case in all cases. In Washington, D.C. there is a judge appointed by Trump who’s an absolute hack of the Department of Justice. Complete hack. Again. More later. This phony business has been discussed. This show has also been discussed in great detail. I have the time. I spend an hour or two, and sometimes even three shows to cover these topics. This is what I do because I want people to know what’s happening and what will happen. Hunter Biden’s deal was a cover-up for the then-Senator. Next, kill any investigation of Joe Biden. When will Merrick Gault and the other Obama Biden Marxists running the DOJ directly be exposed and held accountable? Today, there was no discussion. There’s a lot of talking. Good. No talk about senior officials of the Department of Justice today. Merrick Garland. Lisa Monaco, deputy attorney general and head of criminal division, Christopher Wray, director of FBI. Later, more on him. All of them had to be involved. David Weiss was the guy that everyone kept mentioning. He is under the direction of Merrick Garland. He has no independent power. Garland replies, “Oh, yes. He does.” I gave it him. You didn’t name him as special counsel so you didn’t give him any independent powers. Nothing is in writing. When will Merrick Gault and other Obama Biden marks running the Department of Justice be exposed and held accountable? These mob attorneys are ruining our country. This deal was never a good one for anyone. It’s not necessary to be an attorney. Our noses were rubbed on a blatant mob deal. Despite all the efforts of the corrupt Democrat Party, and corrupt Democrat Party Media to interfere. Once again. The deal now stipulated that no jail time would be imposed for tax evasion. No. No. He signed the gun application under false pretenses and committed tax fraud. We’ve never seen this before at CNN. The legal analysts there, Marcella, New York Times and Washington Card, are all legal analysts. Even pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor. In a tax case, you would never do this. These people are lying. These people are the worst. The worst. Merrick Garland let the statutes of limitations expire on tax fraud by Hunter Biden. This included $1.5 million income in tax years 2014 and 2015. He paid no federal income taxes. The statute of limitation ran, and they knew it was running. He didn’t pay. Taxes on income of hundreds of thousands of dollars. He’s not going to pay any taxes. What’s the explanation? There is only one. The mob lawyers The Department of Justice, meanwhile, said that an investigation was underway. This was done to try and prevent any attempt by Congress. We discussed this to investigate any aspect of the probe and the deal. The judge then asked what is still being investigated? This. This is the proposed plea. This plea will protect him from all and everything. Why does it do this? Joe Biden to cover for Joe Biden, perhaps? Fara was admitted by the prosecutors only reluctantly. You’re supposed you. Registers of foreign agents They use it against Republicans such as Manafort. Why didn’t they do it against Hunter? We could. You might, said the judge. He said that this was an immunity agreement. This is it. You’re telling me one side of the story. The Court. The case is closed, and there’s no more to investigate. The case is closed. It’s kaput. On the other hand, you tell me that you are still investigating? What for? What is the purpose? By the way, she’s the person who first brought up Fara. Answer: The deal would protect Hunter from further investigations and, therefore, Joe Biden, because there’s no separate investigation into Joe Biden. Number one. Hunter Biden will not face any charges of arson under this agreement. This is number two. Merrick Garland would not be appointing a special prosecutor to investigate Joe Biden. Everything is done. All done. Doesn’t matter. Your IRS whistleblowers. The Department of Justice did not say that we have more information after this deal. Remember that it was the DOJ who shut down those whistleblowers. They became whistleblowers because of this. They interfered with the IRS investigation. This makes sense because it’s exactly what happened. This is the fault of individuals within DOJ. Garland and others must answer for their actions. The level of corruption is unprecedented. I have no doubt that the White House has been involved. Why wouldn’t it be? They will be supported by the Pravda-media. They will always defend them. You know, they are Republicans. They are backed by the Democrat Party. They run the Department of Justice Souter and mob lawyers. They can say or do anything they want. Why would Joe Biden not be behind the scenes? What is his opinion of Merrick Garland? Here’s what we are up against. When you are the brave judge, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you agree with all her decisions. Here I am. We have a courageous judge who is not afraid to put her foot down. It’s not true and I won’t sign my name because she smells Iraq. She knows that this is absolute fraud. You’re right to court. Washington says, “Oh my God, this is something we’ve never experienced before.” We have no idea what’s going on. Biden has said he is for gun control. Hunter was accused of possessing a gun by someone who is known to be a drug user. This is a crime. In October 2018, he had a Colt Cobra 38 Special for 11 days. He did more than just that. He waved the paper in public. He threw the trash can near a nearby school. Later, he had it recovered. No big deal, right? Yes, it’s a huge deal. It’s very important. They are hiring 87,000 new IRS officers. To do what? Harass me and you. Hunter Biden did not pay taxes for a number of years, and he was able to get away with it thanks to the DOJ. It’s also not a big issue, right? Is it tax fraud then? Illegally, he is Antiguan. He did two things. The Democrats always stomp their feet about it, but their president’s child has done both. More. The deal is dead. The judge told the parties to meet again and to return to her within 60 days. My theory is that it will be tomorrow or very shortly. It was expected. It’s coming. The next shoe is about to drop. The Department of Justice has a team of mob lawyers. On January 6, we’ll drop all charges against Trump. The DEA in Los Angeles is also watching. She is a political hack. She will soon act. To divert public attention, and certainly media attention. I can tell you for certain that the fake special counsel’s office is monitoring all of this, because they are a press-dependent organization. They leak constantly. Remember, they also sent a letter. You know, send these letters Sunday night. They’re all looking at the calendar and watching the media. They’re laughing amongst themselves when the stories they have are re-broadcast by the media. They are the same as before. During the fake Russia collusion. Phony investigations. The judge in Wilmington did the exact opposite of the judges in Washington, D.C. The judges of Wilmington. The judge of Wilmington stood up against the mob. The judges in D.C.. our part of the mob. I’ll be back in a moment.

Segment 2

Oh, yes. IRS whistleblowers. FBI whistleblowers fill out form 1023 along with the bribery accounts. There are witnesses like Tony Bobulinski, and others. There will be over 20 shell companies. The committee did go to the banks once again. Devon Archer claims to have said 200 times, or at least dozens. Hunter Biden dropped his phone and turned on the speaker, while Daddy Joe shook down at the table. Client. Should we call him now? Joe Biden has been pictured on numerous occasions with. Hunter Biden’s partners. Now, the language is changing. Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden. Now, the White House is being watched very closely. They have been represented by lawyers. They claim that Joe Biden never did business with his son. Joe Biden, however, said that he did not know anything about the business of his son. This is a lie that he has repeated over and over. Joe Biden lied in order to become president. Media and 51 fake national security experts lied in order to keep the laptop secret. The FBI owned the laptop. Facebook and other social media were informed by the FBI. The laptop was real, but The New York Times, The Post, and others covered it up. Joe Biden owns two mansions in Wilmington, and another on the beach in Rehoboth Beach, on a senator salary. How is this possible? Joe Biden has a congenital lying gene. He was a congenital lie when he had an IQ over 17. Now he is a liar, and so too is his son. The media, too, is a liar. I’ll be back in a moment.

Segment 3

The Democrat Party is against America. There are 31 titles on Amazon’s list. Preorders. It’s got a lot of fantasy in front of. Thanks to all of you who ordered pre-ordered books, it’s still 40% off. You know that it’s at the printer and printing takes time. You must wait in line behind other publishers, books and so on. The cover is currently being designed as I speak. This takes more time to produce. The book is being printed. The book will be available in hundreds of thousands. The book will have nearly 400 pages, which is more than I’ve ever written. It will be packed with information and knowledge. You may be asking yourself, “What am I going do with this?” Liberty is founded on ideas. Marxism is founded on ideas. Fascism’s foundation is ideas. Some ideas. Righteous. Righteous. Our ideas. Some people are awake every morning trying to find out how they can control you, destroy your children, brainwash you and what appliances you could have. They also try to determine where you live, the type of home, car, or transportation you might have. These people are totalitarians. The Democrat Party represents and promotes them. They are in our midst. The Republican Party has no equal. Let me say it like this: It is not able to fight the Democrat Party. It takes strong leaders, statesmen and strong individuals to be nominated by the Republican Party in order to combat these forces. They try to forgive those who have stabbed them. Make peace with them. At least, try to make peace with these forces. These forces should not cause any problems. You can also see it in Sununu’s, Christie’s, Hutchison’s etc. This book’s purpose is to convince. Even Democrats. To end the tyranny that their party has imposed. This party is very evil. They have a bad media. Their media is evil. Their films are evil. Their teachers. Unions are bad. You go on and you go on. The Democrat Party is against America. Even if the book only sells for two dollars, it’s still worth buying. In fact, I think that book will be my most important work. It will become an iconic book one day, even more so than any of the others. So, I’d say that most people who are well-known write books about them. I don’t. The majority of people will write an entire book around a small piece of a topic. I don’t pick and choose issues. I write comprehensive books. We don’t get the information we need from single issues. This is not something new for me. Since I was 13, I have been working on this project for 52 years. Tom Saul is releasing a new novel. I have an advanced copy. I can’t discuss it. Absolute genius. Tremendous book. The title of the book is so obscure that I cannot tell you what it’s called. Some of us are still fighting. Some of us still fight back. We’re relying on patriots such as you to help. You know it’s funny that they are talking about banning books, Mr. Producer, when we can still read the books we want to. Virtually every school in America has banned my book. It has no pictures. It doesn’t contain any sex. No, Janet. Nothing. Nothing. Just ideas and thoughts consistent with the framers. And the founding fathers of our country. Go ahead. Try it out. Ask for my book at any high school here in the United States. This will be a very rare school. It’s a very rare school and even rarer that they will be used. As part of the lesson plan. Or in a history or philosophy course. You’ll still find. You’ll find them all in the 1619 project. They are everywhere. It is required reading at many colleges and universities, and the unions of teachers also force their members to read it. You should read or at least be able to understand them. It’s up to you in my case. Tax dollars are not being used to buy tens of millions, even hundreds of thousands, of copies of my books, which will then be distributed by the teachers’ union and used on our students. This is not how we do things. Parents and grandparents are responsible. These books that I have written over the years, I hope they’ve helped. You. This one is different. This is the first book I’ve ever written. This book takes on the Democrat Party, and I do what only a person like me can. From an economic philosophy based on history. To describe the Democrat Party, I would use the perspective and all of those elements. I also see that many of the people who are my friends and family on Fox or elsewhere are upset about Governor DeSantis’s decision to shake up his staff. Mr. Producer. It looks like they are turning to Santos. Vivek Ramaswamy is always being promoted. They also trash Trump. Not just them. You see it elsewhere, Colorado, to remind conservatives. I would remind all conservatives and conservatives on radio and TV. Ronald Reagan almost defeated Gerald Ford in 1976 after shaking up his campaign team. In 1980, he did it again. He was nominated and then he was elected president. It happens every day. It happens. Donald Trump changed his staff in 2016. They shake their staff before settling on a team and after two years, or when a president is re-elected for a second term. This is just superficial B.S. I am telling you. It’s all superficial B.S., and as for the donors they choose one. Who has decided to support Youngkin who is not even running? I live in Virginia. I live in Virginia and Florida. Jonathan is a nice guy. If I had to choose between Governor DeSantis or Governor Youngkin, the choice is not even close. This is not a slam on a youngkin. It’s the way things are. I’m thankful. Governor Youngkin is Virginia’s governor. Imagine Terry McAuliffe for another four years. He skipped four years, but I think you get the idea. Obviously. You can’t all tell me what five things were done in Richmond, Virginia. You can give me a list of all the things done in Florida. Virginia is not a place where people flock for the freedom. Most people who can, flock to Virginia in order to escape Maryland and D.C. Then vote Democrat. Florida is a place where people flock to find freedom. Tennessee is the same. The same goes for other states. Just the way things are. These things need some perspective. Do we get a. Do we? Do we, Mr. BLITZER, have a response from the VIVECA group? Still no response. He’s everywhere. Vivek, I know you wanted to be on the show. You’re welcome to join me. He was scheduled to appear on the show tomorrow. We offered H-1B first, as we do for everyone. What can we do at 7:00 pm? Yes. Then you hear nothing. He’ll probably come on. Just a few basics. It’s nothing to worry about. I don’t want to hurt anyone. I don’t want to hurt anyone. If I were Mr. Conservative, wouldn’t you want to at least engage in a conversation with my listeners? Again, I don’t want to hurt anyone. That’s not the case. Chris Christie is my enemy because he hates you. We’re taking a break. I’d like to share something with you, which I believe will really open your eyes. Before we begin, let’s talk to Valencia Johnson, a former Biden adviser for the 2020 campaign. She is one of the first former Biden advisers from the 2020 campaign who has commented on the Hunter Biden website. I say this because she is a pioneer. She is a woman that did something first. We can’t define women, or anything like that. Petula, please listen. Cut three and go. It’s a good thing that both the Biden campaign, and the Democrats, are saying that they want to let the investigation run its course so that it doesn’t appear that it won’t. This is the point. They don’t want it to be shut down nor do they want to have a special prosecutor against Joe. You’re an idiot, and that’s why you are on MSNBC. It’s a collection of stupid people. By the way, they are also among the most stupid and least attractive people in America. Go ahead. What will the result be? Susan also alluded to the fact that the strategy for a re-election campaign is to talk about the things the Republicans don’t focus on. They focus on this to avoid getting lectured by Democrats who lied to the American public about Russia collusion, who launched the Mueller investigation and who leak relentlessly to media. Hillary Clinton and DNC funded and initiated a lie. Two phony impeachments followed. No, no, no. You don’t understand. What do they want us to focus our attention on, Mr. Produce? All of their records on abortion, climate change, gun control and access. You need to tell Republicans that they should promote climate change, gun control, and abortion. This is the solution. The party of eugenics is focused on abortion. The Marxism and Socialism party wants you to concentrate on climate change. The anti-Bill of Rights party wants you to concentrate on gun control. These are all the issues. What do you think the Republicans are not willing to discuss? Please excuse me. You can’t chew gum and walk at the same. Let the Bidens be. They still say this about Trump? Do they say that about Trump even now? Of course not. No. Beat the Bidens in every way. Beat the Bidens in any way. This must be done. This is a matter of their own conduct. They’re crooks. They should be treated as criminals. The Department of Justice, which is a gangster operation, should be treated as such. The mob is represented by many of the Washington, DC judges. In my humble opinion, they should be treated with the same disdain as other mob-judges. The media is corrupt. How can we tell? You, Alisha Lancia Johnson are there on MSNBC, spewing your poison. Be right back.

Segment 4

Next hour, I will have to finish what I had planned to do. Just trust me. It’s big. I saw Karl Rove on cable. Did you see it, Mr. Producer? I would tell Governor Youngkin to stay as far as possible away from Karl Rove. Karl Rove nearly lost the 2000 elections to Gore. Karl Rove lost Congress. In 2006, Rove lost the Senate. It’s not an architect. He is the demolition man. Karl Rove advised Jeb Bush. I didn’t do so well. Karl Rove has been called a RINO. If you want to find out what a rhino is, listen to him and watch him on TV along with Chris Christie and Larry Hogan and Chris Sununu and cite Mitt Romney as being completely out of touch not only with the conservative movement but also the Republican Party. The people are nowhere. God knows. Who pays Rove for his advice, etc. He was destroying Trump. All of this I have told you before. We were fighting a Democrat Party. This is ruining the country. And I’m sick and tired with politics as usual. These hangers-on are making me sick. I’m sick and tired of these hangers on. Inner thigh rashes. I’m sick. I’m tired of them. They hang on. They don’t disclose who pays them, who they talk to or backs or what they do. They are not experts. They are commentators but not experts. But destroying Trump to the hilt. Biden is a Biden. But Trump. You get this. The Wall Street Journal. Peggy Noonan is a great source of information. You get this. You will get the liberal Republicans of the Northeast and others. Ronald Reagan was hated by the same people, but for different reasons. Chris Christie has never lent a hand to Reagan. It’s a scam. Karl Rove lies to the public about his actions in 1984. I’ve shown him and he has never touched Reagan. He did it with other Bush clan members to defeat Reagan. Mitch McConnell who fell ill today, and we talked about him a little later, never raised a finger in support of Reagan. He was a Ford man. I could go on forever about this. Hugh Hewitt, my dear radio friend. In 1976, he was a Ford fan when Reagan was much more conservative. It’s a fair point. We both joked about it. Well, I make jokes about it. He’s got to deal with it. He’s an awesome guy. But I could go on. The Sununus were never Reaganites. They still talk about Reagan. Larry Hogan never was a Reaganite. He still points to Reagan. Reagan was despised by the Republican Party. Reagan was the Republican Party’s nominee for the third time. The third time, they called him a fool. He was called a war monger. He was called a thousand things. I experienced it. I lived it. They wanted Ford, Bush, and anyone but Reagan. The ward leader in the area where I grew was very clear that Reagan could not win, but he won by two massive margins. Ignore them. Do the right thing. I’ll be back in a moment.

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