The Atlanta area discovered the burning car of a Georgia woman whose vehicle had vanished over two weeks earlier.

The family of a missing Georgia woman is pleading for help after her vehicle was found torched and in pieces near Atlanta.

The family of an missing Georgia woman has appealed for help following the discovery of her torched vehicle and pieces in Atlanta.

Imani Robertson, a mother with four children, , was last seen on July 16, in Conyers. This is about 24 miles south of Atlanta.

At a press conference held on Wednesday, the family of the girl and Sheriff Eric Levett confirmed that she had vanished after a meal at her mother’s house.

Imani Robertson. via the WXIA

Clarine Andujar White, Roberson’s mom, told reporters that she last saw Roberson on 16th July for a meal with the family. According to the sheriff, Roberson and two of her three-year-old children left her mother’s home around 5:30 pm. Andujar White said that they were heading back to Roberson’s house.

According to Levett, the other two children, aged 11 and 9, were at their grandmother’s home.

Levett stated that Andujar White called her daughter several times the next day but she didn’t answer. According to the sheriff, Andujar White went by Roberson’s house and found no one. Andujar White filed a report of a missing person on July 17.

The sheriff declined to give any further information about the whereabouts of Roberson’s four children.

He said, “I’ll leave it up to my family to explain that.”

Imani Roberson.
Imani Robertson. via the WXIA

The sheriff reported that authorities obtained a warrant to search the house Roberson shared with both her children and her husband. The sheriff said that information led him to South Fulton County where Roberson’s burnt out vehicle was discovered.

Images sent by Roberson’s family , to NBC News affiliate WXIA Atlanta, appear to show charred parts of the Mazda SUV that were still scattered at the location where it was discovered. The family of Roberson also sent WXIA video footage from the doorbell camera of a neighbor that appears to show Roberson’s vehicle leaving her driveway on the night she disappeared.

The sheriff’s office asks the public to get in touch with them if you have any information which could assist the investigation.

Sheriff Levett stated Wednesday that “there are children who need their mother, and we will continue to search for and investigate this case till we find Imani.” “I’ve assured the family we will find her daughter.”

Andujar White said that she is confident her daughter would “never leave me or my children.”

She said, “Imani is devoted to her children,” at a press conference. Please help me reunite the babies with their mothers.

NBC News has contacted the family to get their comments.

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