The ‘Beef’ breakout star reveals how he made the transition from an office job to Emmy nominated actor

Young Mazino was the surprising stand-out talent in Netflix’s ‘Beef,’ but on Thursday, the star shared a relatable tidbit about his past: He, too, once worked in a 9-to-5 office job in New York City while trying to launch his acting career.

Young Mazino is the standout actor in Netflix’s ” beef” and he shared on Thursday a relatable fact about his past. He too worked at a 9 to 5 office job as he tried to launch his acting profession.

Fans and critics have named “Beef”, starring Ali Wong, Yeun and Yeun as a contender in the category for Best Show of the Year . Mazino won hearts and minds with his role as the misfit, but resourceful, little brother. He was nominated for an Emmy in July for Outstanding supporting actor.

Young Mazino in “Beef” episode 105. “Netflix

According to his LinkedIn, what fewer people are aware of is that, before landing the role of Paul Cho, Cho was a senior Business Intelligence Analyst — which means he was responsible for creating financial reports and analysis for the company’s international markets — at the skin and beauty care brand Fresh, Inc.

The beauty company uploaded a video on TikTok Thursday featuring Mazino, who shared that he worked at Fresh, Inc. for six years, from 2014 to 2020, in New York City, and “crunched many numbers.” Mazino, a 32-year-old, also said that he attended numerous auditions while working for Fresh, Inc. to kick-start his career as an actor.

“I would print out my lines on my lap and study them when no one is looking.” Mazino, pretending to type, said, “I then do this and then, when no one is looking, I study the lines.”

He said, “I had my little system in place.” “Good times.”

In an People Magazine interview, he stated, “It happened by chance because I met the HR manager while I was putting hiring packets together as a temporary, and he was aware that I was an actress.”

He said that working at Fresh was “survival work” which supported his creative pursuits and rent, as well as his long-distance relationships.

Fresh, Inc. has partnered with Mazino to create a series videos that were posted on the official TikTok page of the company. In a video posted on 12 July to celebrate his Emmy nominated, he shared a story about his experience at Fresh, Inc. that involved a rat, Tupperware, and a trip to HR.

He said, “I caught a mouse in my apartment, and it was in a Tupperware because I wanted to release it at Union Square Park, but was running late to a morning conference, so I brought it to the office.”

Mazino’s favorite Fresh, Inc. products is the Creme Ancienne. He also praised his favorite coworkers Amelia Peng who “fought for me” and Lam Tran who, he claimed, encouraged him to pursue acting as a full-time career.

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