THE BOULDER CRESST FOUNDATION: Non-Profit Organization for Veterans and First Responders

We’d like highlight the Boulder Crest Foundation in honor of First Responders Day.

We dial 911 when we’re in trouble. A superhero magically appears to save us. But who are the first responders for help when we need it? There is a waiting list at Boulder Crest Foundation for individuals who are eligible to participate in these programs, but they need your support. Boulder Crest wants to increase awareness and raise funds to place 1500 heroes through the program, which is currently on their waiting list.

Donate now for $10 per month. This is less than a Netflix subscription. Help our veterans and first responders .



Boulder Crest Institute is a world leader in Posttraumatic Growth (PTG) research.

After a decade of clinical and research on trauma survivors, the science of Posttraumatic Growth was first described in 1995. Professors Richard Tedeschi of UNC-Charlotte and Lawrence Calhoun, psychologists, discovered that trauma survivors often grow in positive ways after their trauma.

Dr. Tedeschi is the current Chair of the Boulder Crest Institute. He is committed to supporting combat veterans, first responders and their families. Dr. Tedeschi has the support of Dr. Bret Moore (Vice Chair of Boulder Crest Institute), a former Army psychologist who was twice deployed.


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