The Bud Light Brand Exec is not Answering Questions about Mulvaney Partnership

The Daily Mail tried to get some answers from Alissa Heinerscheid, the former Bud Light marketing executive responsible for the disastrous Dylan Mulvaney partnership.

The Daily Mail tries to get answers from Alissa Heinigerscheid, former Bud Light marketing executive who was responsible for the disastrous Dylan Mulvaney Partnership.

She’s not allowed speak of it.

From the Daily Mail

Vice President Alissa Heinigerscheid took leave earlier this year after the controversy surrounding the beer giant’s choice to use Mulvaney (26),, for the March Madness Campaign.

Heinerscheid was not the only person to resign after the worst corporate disaster of the decade. Daniel Blake, the VP at Mainstream Brands also stepped down from his position.

Their sudden exit appears premature, after their bosses said that the decision to work Mulvaney had been made by a ‘outside agent without management awareness or consent’

Heinerscheid refused to comment when asked her about claims that she was unaware of the campaign. A friend then said,’she can’t talk about it. She’s not allowed to’ before she was whisked off.

Heinerscheid, in an interview conducted shortly before the Mulvaney partnership’s blowback, described her efforts to change the image of Bud Light from “fratty” to “out-of touch”.

This would be a major mistake for the company. Bud Light’s sales have dropped by more than 30%, and many grocery stores are running promotions that offer the beer for free.

24 packs of the irresistible beverage are available for only $3.49.

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