The collapse of a New York City garage due to a building built in 1925 and the presence of too many cars on its roof is a tragic event.

Initial findings after Tuesday's collapse of a New York City parking garage indicate that the building being nearly 100-years-old coupled with too many vehicles on the roof contributed to the deadly structural failure.

The initial findings following Tuesday’s collapse of New York City’s parking garage suggest that the nearly 100-year-old building and the too many cars on the roof were the main causes.

The fire department of Lower Manhattan said that one garage worker died in the collapse, and five others were injured.

According to the FDNY chief of safety, a preliminary investigation revealed that the weight of the roof and age of the building contributed to its severity.

Social media posts and videos show the collapsed roof of a building, and several SUVs and other vehicles crashing into the floor below.

According to city records, the building was constructed in 1925 and a certificate of occupancy dates from January 1926.

In 1957, a second certification was issued allowing “more than five motor vehicles” on the basement and first three stories. The roof was only allowed to have passenger-car types of vehicles.

On Tuesday, city officials vowed that an exhaustive investigation would be conducted into the collapse. On Wednesday, NBC News reported that a spokesperson from the Department of Buildings said the investigation is ongoing but they hope to provide updates soon.

The building had open violations, including a November 2003 violation that was considered dangerous. In the violation statement, it was noted that there were “first-floor ceiling slab cracks,” as well as “defective rear cracks in defective concrete.”

According to records, a hearing was held in 2004 for the violation but it was not resolved.

The Department granted a permit in 2019 to carry out electrical work for “general wiring”, required for charging equipment.

The worker killed in the collapse has not been identified by officials. The owner of the garage, Little Man Parking did not respond immediately to a Wednesday request for comments.

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