The couple married four Disney Princesses. The couple is currently planning two more.

Shellie has gone viral online for having repeat Disney weddings with her husband. After four ceremonies, the couple is planning two more, despite the cost.

Shellie stated, “We did not realize that our wedding day would fly by so quickly and we both wished we had more time to eat and enjoy our reception,” she said. The day was very different from what we had expected.

They got another chance. Plus two more.

Shellie’s husband and she agreed to renew their vows a little more than two years after they were married, in order to have a larger reception. She said that at her Disney weddings, they had about 10 guests who were all Disney fans. Shellie says that some people get it, and others don’t.

She said, “The people I love and who know me best support my decisions as long as they are happy. They don’t want to see me go into debt with these unnecessary vow renewals.”

Guests who made it to the vow renewals enjoyed more Disney extras. Shellie bought rides like Tower of Terror and Star Tours for her guests. These can cost up to $10,000 each, according the “Fairytale Weddings Guide”, an unofficial book. Shellie and her guests once rode on the Lily Belle – the original caboose for the Disneyland Railroad.

Shellie stated, “I enjoy being a magician creator.” “I keep my magic a secret. I don’t share it with anyone.” Even my guests don’t know where they are going when they arrive. It’s great to see them get excited. I love to surprise them.

Shellie’s hobby is planning Disney weddings. She also plans vow renewals. She works a 9-to-5 regular job and budgets her Disney adventures. She is among thousands of people to have created Disney blogs and social networking accounts in order to document their Disney travels.

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