The End Of America: The Breastaurant


Above is a blurry screen capture showing local thugs breaking off the arm of the manager of a suburban Dallas eatery in a row over Hooters chocolate bars.

Plano, Texas, is a suburb of North Dallas. It is the epitome of Suburbia. This means safety. Some children recently showed up at Hooters to try and sell chocolate bars. They were asked to leave and began turning chairs. They got their adult friends and went outside to swing. You can watch the news story right here. The image above shows the young men in their shirtless sleuthing and hurling abuses at the manager. According to police, the thugs ripped off the manager’s arm.

This story is symbolic of America’s current state, according to the reader who alerted me to it. He wrote:

1. Post-Sexual Revolution “breastaurant” is now mainstream and hosts adults, teens, and families.

2. Convincing shirtless teens to believe that they are entitled to receive handouts from said breastaurant is a way to get them to be shirtless.

3. If denied access due to reasonable “no shirt. no service. no solicitation” reasons, the adolescents resort to violence against innocent managers and bystanders.

4. News reports claim that the urban area was once “safe” but is now unsafe.

Welcoming to the End.

Suppose a God-fearing Texas family can’t get to the local titty café for a cheeseburger without it being smashed up. Victims of Whiteness, then we are indeed in a sorry state. But seriously, what the hell?

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