“THE ENERGY IS ON OUR SIDE”: Rick Scott talks about GOP Momentum and predicts up to 55 Senate seats

Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairman Rick Scott (R.FL) feels the momentum building behind the GOP. Scott predicts that there will be as many as 55 Senate seats available for the elephants following midterms. Scott states, “The energy is on our side.”

Scott supported Ted Budd while making bold predictions at a North Carolina Get-Out-The-Vote rally.

Scott stated that Budd’s race starts right here. He said, via The Hill, “It begins right here. We’re going to receive 52 Republican senators. I believe we can get 53-54, 55.”

He said, “The energy is on us,” “People are tired of the Biden agenda.”

Shortly after the event, Scott spoke to The Hill.

He said, “If you look at weekly polls and do they lot of polls every week, every week gets better.”

According to RealClearPolitics, Scott stated that Budd has been leading against former chief justice of the state Supreme Court Cheri Beasley. “That keeps us at fifty-50.”

He said that if you look at Herschel, Walker, and all the polls, Herschel is up three,” although he didn’t specify which poll showed this result. “Georgia. We’ll pick up that one.”

From The Daily Wire

Scott stated that Arizona’s GOP had “defined” incumbent Democrat Mark Kelly and Republican “Blake [Masters] was barely behind.” A exclusivepoll by The Daily Wire, The Trafalgar Group, showed Masters trailing Kelly only by one point.

Scott stated that “there’s an opinion poll showing Don Bolduc down two”, though he didn’t name the poll. Trafalgar conducted a poll at the end of September that showed Bolduc trailing Maggie Hassan, incumbent Democrat, by only three points. Scott stated that Hassan’s approval numbers were terrible, which suggests Bolduc could pull off an upset.

Scott also mentioned Washington and Colorado as states where Republicans can pull off an unexpected upset. He said that Joe O’Dea is just behind Tiffany Smiley and was down two votes. Colorado GOP candidate Joe O’Dea has struggled against incumbent Michael Bennet. The closest poll shows Bennet leading by a five point. Washington Senate candidate Tiffany Smiley is, however, in better shape. A Trafalgar poll from September showed that incumbent Patty Murray was leading Smiley by two.

“I am optimistic that it will be a great night. We have good candidates and they are running good races. He said that there was a lot of energy.

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