THE GIRL Watch Click Sec Accidentally Tell the reality, Rescue Plan Triggered Pumping

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, accidentally revealed the truth during Monday’s White House press conference. The American Rescue Plan directly contributed the current economic crisis and inflation.

The story began when Edward Lawrence, Fox Business correspondent, asked Jean-Pierre when Americans could feel some economic pain relief.

“Inflation Reduction Act: They will see some pieces of it when you think of energy costs and when you think of Medicare type of benefits from that. “So, we’ll have some movement on that early next,” she stated, before noting that gas prices have fallen and that over-the-counter hearing devices will be helpful.

Lawrence countered by pointing out that there have been 18 months of rising prices. Then, KJP accidentally revealed the truth.

“Well, 18 month ago, the president signed more of the American Rescue Plan – back April 2021,” she stated, noting that only Democrats voted for the huge spending bill, claiming that it “helped American citizens.”

See the exchange below:

Matt Whitlock, a Republican staffer, was quick to point that the rescue plan had triggered inflation.

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