THE GOLDEN THRONE! San Francisco spends $1.7 million to build a single public toilet

It sounds like San Francisco is flushing its money down the toilet.

Fox News reports that the San Francisco Parks Department has paid $1.7 million for one public toilet in Noe Valley. The estimated completion date is 2025.

California Assemblyman Matt Haney stated to The San Francisco Chronicle he now considers that the price tag is “inexplicable.”

You are so right…

“When Rec and Park first gave us the number it sounded shockingly large to me,” Haney said to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“I’m happy that Noe Valley will eventually get a bathroom. But it shouldn’t cost so much and shouldn’t take this long. And I’m mad about it. It’s not something that I want to celebrate right at the moment.

From Fox News

Fox News Digital was informed by a spokesperson for San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department that the high cost of the project is due to “onerous requirements and unpredictable costs levied PG&E,” rising construction costs which have skyrocketed 20%-30% in the past two year, and the employment of workers being paid a living wage and benefits.

The spokesperson stated that “it’s important to remember that public projects and their total cost estimates don’t reflect just the price of erecting buildings.” They include costs for planning, drawing permits, reviews and construction management.

Residents are tired of seeing crime and homelessness in the Golden City. See the video above to see some angry San Franciscans.

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