The man charged with the attack on Rep. Angie Craig at an apartment building in DC pleads guilty

A man accused of assaulting Democratic U.S Rep. Angie Craig in a Washington D.C. apartment building has pleaded guilty.

A man is accused of assaulting U.S. Rep. Angie Craig (D-Minnesota) pleaded guilty to assaulting her in Washington earlier this year.

Kendrid Hamlin, a member in the Congress who was assaulted by Hamlin and two police officers while they were trying to arrest him for his attack on the officer, pleaded guilty to both charges. He is also charged with assaulting two officers who were trying to arrest Hamlin for the assault.


Craig was assaulted around 7:15 am on February 9th in the elevator. She noticed a man walking in the lobby while she was having coffee. In court documents, an agent of the U.S. Capitol Police wrote that the man got into the elevator with her. He said he had to go to the bathroom.

Rep. Angie Craig (D-Minn.) speaks at a 2022 news conference about the Protecting Access to Contraception Act of the United States Capitol in Washington. A man accused in the attack on a Democratic legislator pleaded guilty. (Reuters)

Prosecutors said that when she told him he could not enter her apartment, she grabbed his neck and punched him in the face before throwing the hot coffee at her.

Craig’s chief staff stated that she called 911 as soon as the attacker fled and there was no indication the attack was political in nature.

Hamlin is a multiple-convictions criminal, including assaulting an officer of the law, according to prosecutors.

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Craig won a third-term in Congress last November, in one of most expensive House elections in the nation as the Republican Party tried to flip the Seat.

This report was contributed by The Associated Press.

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