The mystery debris found on Florida beaches by Hurricane Nicole is likely from a shipwreck in the 19th century

The Florida shipwreck debris was discovered a couple of weeks ago in Daytona Beach Shores after part of the beach was washed away during Hurricane Nicole.

After Hurricane Nicole devastated east-central Florida’s Daytona Beach Shores, a shipwreck was discovered.

FOX 35 Orlando reports that archeologists in Florida believe the remains were likely to be a 19th-century merchant ship measuring more than 80 feet.

“Imagine as many Amazon truck that you see today, but this was the equivalent of 1800s,” Christopher McCarron (archeology administrative director, and vessel captain for the St. Augustine maritime programme shared with Fox 35), said.


Archeologists are currently trying to find what they believe are shipwreck remains at Daytona Beach Shores. (Fox 35/ Dave Puglisi)

After part of the beach had been washed away by back-to-back storms, Volusia County officials discovered the debris early last week. A large wooden object was discovered after Nicole and Hurricane Ian swept away many layers of sand from Daytona Beach.

Mark Ard, director of the Florida Department of State’s external affairs, stated that the division’s Division of Historical Resources as well as the Bureau of Archeological Research were in touch with authorities in Daytona Beach Shores regarding the discovery. FOX 35 Orlando was informed by Mark Ard that state archeologists were working with other archeologists in documenting the site.

Ard states that state archeologists “map” the site to document the context and context of the debris. This includes field notes and photographs, as well as logging the site during excavation.

Ard stated that the state protects the area around any potential discoveries when it learns about them. (Fox 35/ Dave Puglisi)

After recent hurricanes struck the area, objects appeared on Daytona Beach Shores’ beach. (Fox 35/ Dave Puglisi)


Ard stated that when the state is informed of a possible discovery, it will work to protect the area. He also noted that the third-degree felony of removing artifacts from archeological sites without authorization is one of the most serious.

One of the many discoveries made in Florida following Hurricane Nicole is the debris found in Daytona Beach Shores.

Human remains were discovered by Hurricane Nicole at Hutchinson Island. Officials believe that the remains could have been from a Native American burial site.

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After the storm, a photographer saw a trunk from 1930s washed ashore at St. Augustine. Officials claimed that the trunk contained nothing of value.

Fox News’ Julia Musto contributed this report.

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