Fox News reports that Pennsylvanians reelected Tony DeLuca as state representative on Tuesday night. DeLuca died in January, but the Fox News report said DeLuca had been battling lymphoma. DeLuca has twice beat this disease.

DeLuca, Pennsylvania’s longest-serving state representative, died before his death.

“While we are deeply saddened by the passing of Representative Tony DeLuca,” we are proud to have seen the voters continue to vote for him posthumously. “A special election will follow soon,” Pennsylvania House Democrats stated in a tweet.

Charlie Wolfson, a local government reporter shared the news via Twitter: “AP calls HD32 race Tony DeLuca. DeLuca passed away in October. There will be a special election for the seat. Some people commented that these voters were unaware. Some were. Others, however, preferred the idea for a special election to electing the third party candidate on the ballot.

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