The Populists are the Winners

State of the Union: On that David Brooks column. The post The Populists Are the Winners appeared first on The American Conservative.

This week on Right Now and, we discuss the David Brooks article ” What if we’re the bad guys here?“.

It’s important to give credit where it is due. This is an incredibly self-reflective and self-aware article from Brooks. I have criticised before in this space. This piece shows why Brooks has been such a powerful voice for so many years.

It is important to highlight one critical point that my colleague Helen Andrews made. Helen Andrews noted that Brooks was unable to escape from the most common fallacy held by the left about populism. The fallacy is the idea that populists loser. They are left behind. She added: “It’s fundamental to my entire political outlook that people who support Trump, are not losers who need to compensated, appeased or have their anxieties eased.”

This is a very important point. It was the populists who made America great. They don’t want to go back to a “simpler time”; they just want a country that works again. Our current elites are simply riding on what the “losers'” built.

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