The Racial Masochism Of The Left

This is amazing:


This is something you hear a lot in Europe. Liberals and progressives are reluctant to report violence against migrants because they don’t want to make the victim of raped, robbed or beat to a racist criminal justice system. In 2016, for example, a left-leaning German politician was raped by migrants. She later admitted to lying to police about her rapists because she didn’t want to make it harder for migrants.

Is there a sick ideology that teaches people such as the politician or the brutalized clerk at the convenience store to accept that they are a Sacred Minority and should be raped, beat, and assaulted? This is what the woke Left wants. You don’t believe me? , a Denver high school, showed this video to students on the first day. It was a clip made by scholar-activists from Barnard College in NYC. In it, people are encouraged not to call the police if the attacker is minor. Justice:

[embedded content]

This is why I find it so shocking that decent, well meaning folks such as David Brooks are appalled at the blatant racism of Los Angeles Hispanic politicians who were secretly recorded. This all-race-all-the-time thinking is fundamental to the woke (that is, the illiberal) Left today! It has been mainstreamed for many years. What is the consensus on what Critical Race Theory means, if not to establish different standards of justice for people based on race?

What does the Left and its institutional allies, which is to be said, every major institution in American society, plan to do with this? Are they truly convinced that all whites, Asians and Latinos are capable of accepting brutality from black criminals. Are they truly convinced that America is Barnard College? They have not had to face any resistance so far.

This is what happens when classically liberal notions of justice are abandoned. This is what happens when Kendify or DiAngelize policy, and discourse. It’s going to be very ugly when the backlash arrives. It is 100 percent up to the Left’s fault. Kangmin Lee concludes this thread

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