The Return of the MAGA Kings

“2024. Are you getting ready? I am too. “I am too,” ex-President Donald Trump said to Mar-a-Lago, Florida, just moments before making the big announcement.

The former president said that he was announcing his candidacy to be President of the United States. This came after two years of coyness with media and the public. Trump submitted paperwork to the Federal Election Commission just before he took the stage at Mar-a-Lago.


The speech lasted over an hour and Trump was more United Nations 2017 speech Trump that rally Trump. True to his style, the former president commented on Trump’s energy during the speech. I won’t use the term fake media. It will be kept very elegant.”

Although the speech was lengthy, Trump seemed to have kept his script in mind. Trump emphasized the issues that separated him from the rest of the Republican candidates in 2016’s Republican primaries. This helped him defeat Hillary Clinton in general. Trump pledged that he would keep America free from unnecessary and foolish foreign wars. This campaign is for every family and worker who struggle to survive in the Biden economic system with inflation destroying their families’ lives. We are on our way. Joe Biden has eliminated America’s borders. Trump said that he was going to secure America’s borders just as we did before.

Immigration, trade, an anti-military-industrial-complex foreign policy–these were Trump’s bread and butter in 2016, and gave Trump the opportunity to bash the political elites that created this mess. It remains to be seen if Trump will be able continue to address these issues through the 2024 election, as he did not address them in his 2020 campaign.

He made a few comments about 2020, but his 2024 announcement speech wasn’t dominated by the stolen narrative or other grievances of the former President. Trump also stated that he would like legislation to require voter ID, same day voting, and paper ballots. Trump also stated that he wanted all votes to be counted by election night.

Trump’s advantage over the political establishment ever since ascending Trump Tower’s escalator in 2015 was that he seems to be able to see how fragile the current American system is. “I will make sure Joe Biden doesn’t get four more years in 2020. This is unacceptable for our country. Trump stated, “I don’t say it in laughter. I mean it in tears.” “Our country cannot take four more years. It is all fragile at the beginning. Trump said, “It can only take so many.”

Trump is also aware that this fragility is the result of policy decisions over many decades. This has only increased under the Biden administration. “Our southern border is gone and our country is being invaded by millions and billions of unknown people, many of them for very serious and sinister motives. What is the reason? For years to follow, we will pay the price. Trump stated that hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of deadly drugs, including fentanyl (a very lethal drug), are flowing across the now-open and completely poor southern border. Trump claimed that the blood-soaked streets in our cities are a swarm of violent crimes and are being monitored by leaders from other countries to see if this is truly America and democracy. It’s so sad. How embarrassing.

Trump encouraged his supporters, despite the chaos, to be optimistic, as “America’s return starts right now.” However, there is still a lot of work to do before Tuesday, November 5, 2024. Trump will likely face strong Republican challengers in primary. And who knows if Biden is the Democratic nominee for 2024? One thing is certain: The world will be watching. Donald Trump loves it that way.

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