The song of the summer is ‘Planet of the Bass.’ It hasn’t been released yet.

Kyle Gordon, the comedian behind the song 'Planet of the Bass,' called the response to the viral hit "incredible."

On Thursday night at Mood Ring in Brooklyn, New York the viral song, “Planet of the Bass”, made its live debut.

The song was new to everyone, but they all knew the lyrics and chorus from TikTok.

Kyle Gordon, the comedian who created the song “DJ Crazy Time” and the satirical persona behind it, shouted to the crowd. The cheers of the audience were loud.

The song was originally introduced on Gordon’s TikTok as a musical sketch. It features Gordon and Audrey Trullinger lip-syncing to the tune at the Oculus Center, New York City, while dressed in Y2K clubs outfits. The song is a earworm, but the outfits from the 1990s and the lyrics like “Life never dies” and “women my favorite guy” have also become memes.

The video was viewed over 5,000,000 times in just one week.

The internet is flooded with other songs, such as ” One Mararita ” by That Chick Angel, and ” you wish by Flyana Boss.

Demand for the entire track was so great that the release date has been pushed up by a week. The song will now be available online to anyone on August 15. The bar patrons got to see the song in advance.

Gordon expressed his own awe of the response.

He told NBC News that it was “incredible” to see a full house of Eurodance enthusiasts who knew the lyrics to a song based on a 50-second video clip which had only been released a week earlier.

Gordon says he did not set out to create a song of the summer, as some have called it online. He knew it was a good song, but he didn’t expect it to be so popular. He believes that timing is responsible for a part of his success.

“I may have been lucky that the Barbie film came out, because — and it’s three layers deep — people talk about Barbie Girl [by Europop group Aqua] and when they think about Barbie Girl they also think about Eurodance in general. This kind of fits in the context and it’s not something I intended.”

He said that he’s been perfecting the “DJ Crazy Time” persona for around a decade. He shared the first clip of him performing as “DJ Crazy Time” in a 2013 song by his college acappella group. He makes the same nonsensical ad-libs in the clip as he did in “Planet of the Bass.”

Gordon estimated that the song took a little over a month. Gordon worked with Brooks Allison, a writer, and Jamie Siegel, a producer.

This song is part of a larger album of comedy that will be released this fall. It will include parodies to bossa nova songs, pop punk, and country music. The songs are a lot of fuller versions that he has created for his comedy shows over the years.

He said, “I hope the other albums are as popular as this one.” “But there are many songs on the album which I have either tested live or online.”

The audience on Thursday was a mixture of Europop fans who came just to dance, regulars at the bar and Gordon fans.

Gordon’s accurate portrayal of stereotypical Eurodance artists has impressed many fans, including Jessie Sanchez.

Sanchez, a Eurodance fan, said that he loved the character “DJ Crazy Time” which has been a Tumblr gif for years.

Sanchez, 28 years old, said that the change of singers in Gordon’s videos demonstrated a “commitment” to the bit.

The song was found by Juliette Bellinson, Jordan Popov and other 21-year-olds on X (formerly Twitter), and they thought it was hilarious. The couple walked for an hour to the venue in order to hear the song live. Bellinson says the song is popular because it’s mindless, and encourages people to dance.

“I believe we need music that is less earnest. Just music that does not take itself too seriously. Bellinson said, “I think it’s so in line with our generational values.”

Popov found the song to be good but overhyped. He was disappointed that Trullinger couldn’t be there.

“I hoped the girl from the music video was there as well. He said, “I felt like they were a couple but it was great fun.”

Many commenters online shared Popov’s enthusiasm for Trullinger’s performance. When Gordon posted a second video featuring Mara Olney, they expressed their outrage.


Biljana Electronica” is not her. Biljana Electronica is not her. Chrissi Pole is the singer. Gordon said that his videos with Trullinger, Olney and other models were inspired by the trope of 1990s Eurodance videos where the singers are replaced by various models.

Aqua was also one of the influences for “Planet of the Bass.” Gordon ended his 10-minute performance with “Roses Are Red” to the delight and delight of the audience.

Anthony Georgiou (23), who was at the bar to see hulaHOOP resident DJ moistbreezy, said: “I wasn’t here for him.” “I was a little scared when I learned that Gordon was going to be on the schedule, as I didn’t wish for the party being interrupted by a joke. “But he kept energy going.”

CORRECTION (4 August 2023, at 9:15 pm ET): A previous version of this article misspelled the name of Jamie Siegel. This article was originally misspelled. It’s Siegel, not Siege.

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