The Spanish prosecutor is investigating the sports president who kissed an athlete at the World Cup.

Spanish prosecutors opened an investigation of the nation's soccer federation chief, officials said Monday, in connection to his kiss on the lips of a player shortly after winning the World Cup.

Officials said that Spanish prosecutors have opened an investigation into the country’s soccer federation head in relation to his kissing a player on the lip shortly after he won the World Cup.

Officials said that the national prosecutors invited Jennifer Hermoso to contact them within the next 15-days to report her as a potential victim of sexual assault by the federation’s president Luis Rubiales.

Rubiales, a Spanish soccer player, kissed Hermoso on the lips at the medal ceremony in Sydney, following Spain’s 1-0 win over England.

Aug. 28, 202303:31

Hermoso said that the kiss was not consensual, and “I felt vulnerable as a victim and of an impulse driven, sexist act out of place without my consent.”

In the meantime, Rubiales’ mother, Angeles Bejar went on hunger strike on Monday to protest against actions taken against her son.

Bejar sought refuge in the Divina Pastora de Motril church on the southern coast of Spain and defended her child. The mother stated that her hunger strike would continue “indefinitely” day and night, Spanish News Agency EFE reported.

She said that her son was the victim of an “inhumane and bloody” hunt.

FIFA suspended Rubiales on Saturday from all soccer-related activities for 90 day.

Rubiales is defiant despite the worldwide criticism he has called the kiss “spontaneous and mutual.” He has refused to resign .

Vanessa Ruiz Bejar told reporters outside of the church that his family was suffering from this controversy.

She said, “We want justice done.”

The kiss has ruined what was a joyous celebration by La Roja of their first Women’s World Cup. Spain has joined a select group of nations that have won the Women’s World Cup trophy. This includes the United States, Germany Japan, and Norway.

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