“THEY TOLD US HOW TO GET TO The BORDER”: UN Workers Direct Afghan Migrants To U.S. Border

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, a group Afghan migrants recounts how UN workers and other aid groups helped them get to the U.S. Southern border. One migrant stated that they gave them a map.

“The migrants claimed that aid workers gave them maps to guide them to Mexico before they arrived in Guatemala. This would allow them to cross the border into the United States. Six men were among 16 Afghans held in the Guatemala City detention facility for foreign migrants,” The Daily Caller reports.

One of the Afghan men stated, “They give us maps.” The map led to Mexico. The United States was not there. They told us how to cross the border,” one Afghanmigrant explained.

He said, “But they told me how to get to the U.S. Border.”

Another Afghan refugee stated that Spanish was the biggest problem. They didn’t even understand English. They try their best, but they don’t understand English.

The Daily Caller reports thatthe migrants made their way north.

“They have an immigration process after Nicaragua. They will receive $150 from you. We gave 150 dollars to immigration, and then we crossed another border into Honduras. The DCNF’s first Afghan refugee said that they were also informed of an immigration process in Honduras.

“So we went, and we gave biometrics in every process we’ve done. He added that they moved up in another country.

The complete story is available at The Daily Caller:

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