“THEY WERE GONNA KILL US”: Chicago couple attacked by mob speaks out [WATCH]

The Chicago couple who was attacked by a mob of violent teens over the weekend is finally speaking out about their harrowing experience; “they said they were going to kill us,” 20-year-old Ashley says.

Ashley, 20, says that the Chicago couple attacked over the weekend by a group of violent teenagers has finally spoken out about their terrifying experience. “They said they were going kill us,” she adds.

From Fox News Chicago

Video of Ashley, 20, and DJ, 22, being assaulted in the 100-block of North Wabash Ave. went viral. The two women claim they had just left Nordstrom at around 8 pm on Saturday night when they were assaulted.

“We were downtown Chicago, trying to buy food and shop. We were walking along the street when we saw a large group of men, women, and children. Ashley remembered that DJ was holding my hand to guide me through a crowd of people. They pushed him and they pushed her.

They said they would kill us. They turned and began fighting. I was pushed to the ground, and everyone went to DJ instead of me. I’m much less injured than him because I was a more passive bystander. Everyone went after him, and he ended up in middle of the road. He was being jumped in the middle street. Ashley said, “It got pretty bad.”

Chicago police claim that the thieves stole the property of the victims and then continued on their way.

Lenora Denis, a Chicago resident and Good Samaritan, who was nearby, tried to protect Ashley from the attackers, after she claimed that police had not come to help them.

Watch the video above. GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING.

Brandon Johnson, the Mayor-elect of the city, said that it was wrong to “demonize the rioters” in his response to mob riots. Johnson is used to this kind of response. He has a long history of defending rioters and looters.

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